Fred Loya Lights Show May be Cancelled


POSTED: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - 6:46pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 18, 2011 - 2:14pm

EL PASO- The yearly Fred Loya light show if facing some opposition from neighbors.

This year is the sixth year the event will take place. They are expecting 15,000 people from all over El Paso, other states and countries. The event attracts more spectators every year and has now become a problem for some neighbors. Paseo del Oro, the street where the Loyas live, is closed down during the show times so that people can roam freely and enjoy the lights.

A neighbor submitted a petition opposing the Loya light show, to the City Clerk's office in October. The petition allegedly includes a hundred signatures from people in the far east El Paso neighborhood.

The neighbor is complaining that the show disrupts his life. Some complaints are that the traffic from the event causes too much congestion and that garbage is left behind. A meeting is planned for Tuesday night at the CrossPoint Lutheran Church down the street from the Loya's house.

Fred Loya says that his neighbors actually do support the light show."They have been 100% supportive of the light show from day 1. They are the one ones truly impacted because access to their house, in and out, and is totally shut off during the light show."

The Loyas pay off duty police officers to direct traffic and provide pedestrian safety. Loya had to request a permit this year that had 1500 signatures on a petition, more than the amount of opposing signatures, he said.

Pastor Daniel Sattelmeier said that the church is hosting the community meeting, but is not involved one way or another. He is personally fond of the event. "Yeah we've had a good relationship with Fred Loya and his group of people that put on the show and we've always thought that the community obviously has enjoyed it because thousands come to it every year."

Christine Worley, a neighbor across the street, says "it's regrettable that there are persons in the neighborhood that don't support the effort that Mr.Loya goes through every year."

If the show does happen this year, it will be on December 2nd through that Sunday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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I really hope this show gets cancelled, very overrated show. Fred Loya and his company are a joke for El Pasoans, don’t believe me??? I just hope El Pasoans don’t get into an accident and then try and put in a claim with Fred Loya insurance because his company will not pay you a dime. I am sure a good chunk of what people pay for their insurance premiums goes to decorate his house with a simple music/lights show. Thank you for nothing Fred Loya!!!

This is an El Paso thing. If it really bothered the neighbors they would've said somethin a long time ago. It is something really nice that even kids look forward to.

It is really sad, I don't remember this happening when everyone would go
to Eastridge for the lights and the lines to get in. It's only an inconvienance for a short time. Why can't we all get along. Grinches.

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