Franklin Coach Sends Alleged Beating Victim Home

Franklin Coach Sends Alleged Beating Victim Home

POSTED: Friday, August 6, 2010 - 11:44am

UPDATED: Monday, August 9, 2010 - 10:08pm

EL PASO -  Cesar Carreon, the alleged assault victim at the hands of a Franklin football player was sent home from practice Thursday.   Head Football Coach Daren Walker sent Carreon home after he was threatened by another teammate.

Logan Mansfield, a senior defensive tackle on the team, was arrested Wednesday and charged with assaulting Carreon after practice.

Since then, Carreon has been receiving threats of harm from teammates if he doesn't drop the charges.

EPISD says they will not make a decision on Mansfield's status until their investigation is complete.




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It amazes me how many people feel they are entitled to play judge and jury. It also amazes (actually it SCARES me) that there are still people out there that believe everything they read. There are always TWO sides to a story, folks. ALWAYS! BOTH young men were at fault and BOTH should take responsibility. There are people dying across our border! Our service men and women are dying worlds away. Do something about that and stop picking on high schoolers, for Pete's sake. GGGEEZZZ!!!! YAG

Where is the principal is right! Please, like Franklin has a principal. Administration at that school rarely knows what actually happens on campus with students and teachers. SAD SAD SAD

Im curious to see how coach Walker responds to EPISD (Keystone Cops), ivestigation. What about the EL Paso Police Dept investigation, where are they on this? It is kinda sad, but EPISD will probably offer Carreon a transfer of his choice for his safety, keep the thugs making threats, and the accused thug at Franklin for the sake of the Athletic Department, and send the wrong message to wannabe thugs/bullies in the system. SAD SAD SAD

i don't care if he's a football player or a senior he still commited this crime. some people just don't realize how bad of an impact all this peer pressure creates and stresses students out. Logan needs to learn his lesson!

this is getting ridicoulus where is the board in all this....or the principle?

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