Fort Bliss Troops Begin 9-Month Deployment


POSTED: Friday, September 30, 2011 - 3:44pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 10:30am

FORT BLISS - They don't want to be called heroes, but that's exactly what they are. Right now 300 Fort Bliss Soldiers are traveling to Afghanistan. They began their nine month deployment this morning.

You can't help but wonder, what's going through a soldiers mind before deploying to Afghanistan. Are they thinking about that hand of cards they were dealt, or is their family on their mind?

"It's just pretty much focusing on my job, and what I have to do over there to bring my guys back," Specialist Michael Rodriguez said.

Soldiers say it was hard to say goodbye to their wives, husbands and children, but now it's time to focus on coming back home to them.

"No, I'm not nervous at all. I mean I've been training for two years to do this, and I'm ready to go and do my job," Specialist Jon Helton said.

They can't tell us what exactly they'll be doing in Afghanistan, but they'll be there fighting the Taliban for us.

As the time moves on, the troops start walking outside to board the plane. It's a 24 hour trip, depending on delays, until they reach home for the next nine months.

"Were like brothers and sisters here. If somebody feels down and out it's our job to bring them back up and let them know were all one team, one fight. We'll support and take care of each other as we can," Specialist Sebastian Chavez said.

All 300 troops board the plane on Biggs Field. Some of them have already been overseas, but we're told this is the first time Fort Bliss is sending troops to Afghanistan.

"I know I'm going to put myself in danger, might not come back, might not have a leg when I come back. That doesn't bother me at all. As long as I protect the United States against terror and do my job the right way so other people can live their lives and don't have to do what I have to do," Specialist Rodriguez said.

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I look at this video when I miss my son and think how proud I am of him, PFC Michael Rodriguez one of the soliders that was interviewed. I love you Michael! Proud Army Mom!

Our son was one of those wonderful servicemen/women.He just wants to do his job. He is my hero, no matter what.

ONE TEAM ONE FIGHT...Proud to say that is my brother. Be safe Chavez I love you.

My brother is one of these soldiers that is boarding this plane. God Bless him. I love you and come home safe!!!!

My fiance was amoung those troops please everyone pray for and support them til they safely return home.

my husband is one of them soldiers boarding that plane..GOD SPEED SOLDIERS.we love you all n you will all be in our prayers..stay safe n return home safely..

God Bless you and your soldiers while you are away. I pray you will all return just as you left. whole and complete.

God Bless you and your soldiers while you are away. I pray you will all return just as you left. whole and complete.

My son boarded that plane today headed for afgan. I pray for each and everyone of those deploying and the ones already there. missing my son already MOM in OHIO

Me too... Mom in Indiana!!! hugs to you!

May God be with these troops and the families they leave behind. Thank you for your service! --from a 82nd Airborne soldier's Mom. Janece Myers, NC

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