Fort Bliss Special Training Reenacts Afghan War


POSTED: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 6:26pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 6:42pm

Fort Bliss is training soldiers in realistic simulations of war time situations in Afghanistan.

And it looks real because Hollywood movie set designers built the Afghan villages in the middle of the El Paso desert. The people “acting” are military members and Afghan role players who speak the language. They play the part of local village residents and officials and reenact the daily life as it would be in Afghanistan.

"So I come out, act as a civilian would in Afghanistan when the troops come in. Respond just like they would. Gunfire goes down, we all go inside. We come back out curious to see what's going on. Explosion goes down and some of our civilians get hurt," said Jamerson Fisher, an army soldier at Fort Bliss. “It feels very real and honestly its a very important job for me and everyone else to hold out here to get this life like training."

Fisher says the actors and military members help create an authentic atmosphere where they talk to the villagers. Its all meant to immerse the soldier in realistic simulations of places they may go.

CPT and Troop commander Chris Preece has been to Iraq and Afghanistan before and he says there's no better training than here at Fort Bliss.

"With the situation in Afghanistan right now its very realistic that we will have people in and about our formation walking amongst. We are trying to make friends with the village and trying to be part of the village," said Preece.

The training for the soldiers lasts four weeks,with three sessions a day. The situations continuously change keeping the soldiers on their toes.


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