Fort Bliss Soldiers Return Home from Iraq


POSTED: Saturday, June 5, 2010 - 9:33pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 6, 2010 - 4:01pm

EL PASO, TX - More than one hundred soldiers marched into Biggs Army Airfield to cheers and applause. It's the first time they've seen friends and family since they were deployed more than seven months ago, and their time away from their families definitely showed in the first few minutes of being back home.

"It's great, it's great to be back home with the family," Sergeant Johnson said.

Spokesmen for Fort Bliss say every deployed soldier looks forward to coming back home, but for some this visit will only be short-lived. Not all soldiers who returned today will get to stay with their families, some of them will be re-deployed. In the meantime, each family is definitely going to make the most of the visit by spending their time together.

"I think today we're just going to go hang out, and watch some movies at the house. Just kick back and relax," Sergeant Johnson said.

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I totally understand your frustration and point being made, but please do not diminish the joy of the soldiers and the families celebrating a return home in the process. That isn't helpful to anyone.

Welcome Home, troops, God Bless!

This is the news? Tons of other soldiers have been sent from other bases to Ft. Bliss too. Guess what they get to arive to? Homelessness! Tons of soldiers are being sent to Ft.Bliss and there isn't adequate housing for them. Some are actually living in campers. There aren't even enough baracks rooms for single soldiers. Even better, because of the demand for homes around Ft. Bliss the price for rent has gone up and many soldiers can't afford the prices. Now, that's news!

Hello Proud Soldier Wife,

I received another email regarding the housing situation at Fort Bliss but the person who sent it never replied to my email.
I would like to check into what's going on further.
So if you know someone we can speak with who's having trouble, please contact me.

Thank you,


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