Fort Bliss Soldier Dies After 6-Hour Standoff at Housing Complex

Fort Bliss Soldier Dies After 6-Hour Standoff at Housing Complex

POSTED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 11:35am

UPDATED: Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 7:47am

UPDATE: 12:34 p.m.- Fort Bliss has released the name of the soldier who died during last night's standoff.

Soldier SPC David L. Mertz, 2BCT, 1st Armored Division died yesterday, but his cause of death is still undetermined. There were no shots fired by law enforcement officials. Story developing.

EL PASO – Fort Bliss officials released the following statement Monday morning after a tense standoff between a soldier and military police Sunday afternoon.

“At this time the situation on Fort Bliss has concluded. We are sadden at the loss of one of our Team Bliss Soldiers. His wife, daughters, family and fellow Soldiers are in our thoughts and prayers. This incident is still under investigation,” said Maj. Gen. Dana J.H. Pittard, Commanding General Fort Bliss and 1st Armored Division.

NewsChannel 9 has made repeated calls to Fort Bliss officials for more information. It was not immediately clear if the soldier was shot and killed by military police or if he took his own life.

Fort Bliss is also not talking about what led up to the standoff or how it ended.

Sunday afternoon the Fort Bliss Special Response Team secured the area around the Hays Housing Complex, including parts of an El Paso neighborhood.

Fort Bliss said the standoff came to an end around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, however, no shots were fired. The circumstances of the soldier's death are "undetermined", according to Fort Bliss.

NewsChannel 9 will continue to press Fort Bliss leaders for more information. Stay with for updates.

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Richard B. Dawson, would you like to tell his sister that her brother's death was as a result of a "training exercise"? Or that it never happened (as you seem to imply)? Perhaps you should check your facts more carefully. This family, his sister specifically is a dear friend of mine, and your words, while I'm sure not intentional, have the potential for hurting them further. This was in fact a real person, with a wife, and two beautiful daughters. He will be greatly missed.

Also, the statement about this being a standoff is misleading. David Mertz made no threats toward mps and was considered a threat only to himself. I am close with this family, and it is truly unfortunate how a simple error in wording has caused them even more pain.

Perhaps you should contact the family to find out more information, and allow them to comment. That would be the courteous, kind and classy thing to do. Newspapers (minus the star tribune) here in MN, have shown the compassion that this family and situation deserve.

I pray he is at peace now.

R.I.P. the despair he must have felt. Prayers to the families and friends.

This is for the lady that was interviewed and said that civilians dont need to know about what happened you are an idiot and should keep your mouth shut you tell civilains it doesnt concern them , after telling everyone on tv about the billboards stating how many soldiers have died on base!!!! really if i didnt live on base i would like to know what was going on base and why soldiers were killing themselves!!

Condolences to SPC Mertz's immediate family as well as his extended military family and friends. PTSD is a recurring nightmare our returning veterans and their loved ones deal with all to often. Whether that is the problem in this case or not, we need to find better ways to help deal with this issue so we do not continue to loose these precious lives.

This was a training exercise. It should not be sold to the public as authentic news. I realize there is a need for drills but vicsims are innappropriate. No soldiers would have been standing out of protected cover with an armed, baracades perp. No releases by a Lt. Col. would have been given on Facebook to over 5,000 subscribers, many of whom are not military or area related. People can get more information by researching Exercise Plans for DHS. There will be no death certificate.

Simply put you are a moron and have no clue what you are talking about. Last time I checked WE don't have training exercises in the post housing areas idiot!
Not to mention the fact that I served with this man here, Iraq and Ft Lewis. I attended the funeral service. This incident is in fact true.

I live in the neighborhood, the standoff was 11 hours, not 6.

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