Fort Bliss commissary closes doors due to government shutdown

Fort Bliss commissary closes doors due to government shutdown

POSTED: Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - 9:16pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 4:47pm

At the Fort Bliss Commissary, there were packed parking lots and packed shopping carts on this payday and first day of government shutdown.

“Yeah this was crazy. I had to loop around three times. It took me to long, 35 minutes in line," said Sylvia Charf, a retired soldier.

People had until 9pm Tuesday to stock up before the commissary closed its doors for an unknown length of time.

"It is crowded, so crowded. Like a madhouse and the shelves are almost empty," said Rose and Seberino Quesada.

The government has shut down causing the same to happen in every commissary across the United States.

"It opened today, so they could help reduce some of their perishable items and allow the consumers to come in and shop on a normal traditional payday," said Fort Bliss Spokesman LTC Lee Peters.

Many shopped with a sense of urgency and frustration toward Congress' lack of compromise on a spending bill, possibly sending home 3700 DOD and army civilians, unpaid.

"So we figured we better get what we can before they do shut down. It's stupid. Conflicts, the way they're having them. They're acting more like children, than educated adults," said Seberino Quesada.

Soldier Xavier Wilson is still reporting to work, thanks to a bill signed by the president to keep all active military paid.

"Me having two children, kind of difficult for me to get groceries. Kind of inconvenient that its shutdown. Kinda makes it hard on me. I have family that are government workers. I might have to help them out as well," said Wilson.

"We want congress and all appointed officials to come together to compromise on a funding bill so everybody can come back to work," said Peters.

 A desire probably heard in almost every grocery aisle across the country.

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Nothing is too good for the troops...and that is exactly what they will get!

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