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Fort Bliss commissary to close one day a week

Fort Bliss commissary to close one day a week
Friday, March 22, 2013 - 7:16pm

If you buy groceries on Fort Bliss you might want to call ahead to make sure the commissary's open. Fort Bliss is closing its commissary one day a week in response to forced spending cuts. The change will take effect in late April. The cut isn't just limited to Fort Bliss. Military bases around the world are being forced to close their grocery stores one day a week.

"Maybe people go to Albertsons or Big 8 like i do, or Big Lots, said Elka Sanchez, who also frequents the commissary at Fort Bliss. "They shop around. We got choices. We can go other places."

"Yes it's an inconvenience. It's one more day that isn't open which means the lines will be longer on the days it is open as more people have to shop in a smaller time," adds Kevin Allen, a spokesperson at Fort Bliss.

The commissary at Fort Bliss is currently open seven days a week, which is unusual. Commissaries on most military bases are only open six days a week.

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