Fort Bliss Closed by Weather

Fort Bliss Closed by Weather

POSTED: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 10:09am

UPDATED: Friday, January 4, 2013 - 8:34pm

FORT BLISS - The latest winter storm has brought Fort Bliss to a standstill.

The post is officially closed.

Three gates entering the post are shut down due to safety concerns.

One of those gates was Fred Wilson, which leads into William Beaumont Medical Center.  Traffic to the hospital has been rerouted to Alabama.

The Fort Bliss exchange and commissary are closed but three shopettes remain open.

The shopettes are located on Cassidy and East Fort Bliss.

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Security personnel still remain in place during winter storms while the rest of the post shuts down for safety issues, primarily concerned with a population that can't drive in snow. Before any of you start complaining about post weather closures do your homework or put on a uniform.

Sure, let's have our soldiers all go indoors when temperatures drop below X degrees. Let's ignore the fact that security still needs to be upheld and that the other guys will exploit any weakness that we, THEY, our soldiers show. That's what cold weather gear is for. If our soldiers don't know how to survive in these conditions, then there is a far greater issue here than the fact that our soldiers are not "warm enough".

It's called cold weather training. Don't see them closing down the war just because of snow.

Hey Devil Dog, I don't see you out there training with them, do I?

I called my FRG and the Brigade Commander has said that the soldiers are only training inside the tents and that they have heaters. However, the real story is that the heaters are small and are nowhere near enough to keep the soldiers warm, AND soldiers are still being forced to stand gaurd and pull duties outside. This is absolutely ridiculous as the temperatures continue to drop and the risks of hypothermia or frostbite continue to rise. Love the lies they are feeding us.

try an mos in the bravo series then youll know what cold weather training is, go to ft bragg they go to the field every other week dont cry because youre spoiled, man up youre a soldier, god forbid you go to war.

However, there are soldiers still in the field with little to no heat!

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