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Former Senator Invites Public Commentary at EPISD Meeting

Former Senator Invites Public Commentary at EPISD Meeting
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - 2:23pm

One of the first whistle-blowers to call out the El Paso Independent School District on its corruption was back in the spotlight after two years. He's inviting the community to help him clean up the district.

Former Senator Shapleigh is holding the first of three town hall meetings Wednesday at El Paso Community College Valle Verde campus at 5:30 to get the facts out to the community and start to un-do the corrpution.

Shapleigh says there is still corruption at every level even though Superintendent Lorenzo Garcia is out of the district. He said it's time to take out all of the corrupt employees still working for the EPISD.

"We've got to stop the corruption thats at that school district," said the former senator. "We've got to kick out the culprits. There are still folks there that were involved that need to go and reform the school district. you can't have a school district with that level of corruption or they can't serve the students." 

Shapleigh says there is corruption is at every level form sole source bidding to disappearing students and only testing the top half to achieve high scores on state mandated tests. 

Again that meeting is Wednesday at 5:30 pm at the Valle Verde campus and open to the public.   

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