Former Officer Zake Rivera Indicted


POSTED: Thursday, April 21, 2011 - 2:40pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 23, 2011 - 2:45pm

EL PASO - We have new information in the sexual assault charges against former El Paso police officer Zake Rivera.

A grand jury has officially indicted him, saying Rivera forced the victim to perform oral sex on him in the back of his police car.

This all allegedly happened while Rivera and his partner were separated at a domestic disturbance call in the 700 block of Mesa Hills.

Investigators later collected DNA samples from the victim's clothing and found them to be associated with Rivera. Rivera was officially fired last month.

We orginally posted that the indictment also accused Rivera of forcing the victim to have intercourse with him. But NewsChannel 9 discovered there was a typo in the indictment, and that in fact is not what the grand jury indicted Rivera on.

The video link above is a story we reported at the time of Rivera's arrest.

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There's allot of good cops and this makes the department look bad. You know what's also sad, off duty government officials talking about "cutting slack because she's cute" conversations at the bar. Individuals with authority should be careful what they say in public, the stories I’ve heard from women and the shield to the rescue are pathetic. You Tube can be a friend.

HOw do u " FORCE" someone to give you oral sex? Did he put a gun to her head? Only in El Paso!!!! What he did is wrong and un-ethical but she obviously wanted to perform the act if she didnt she would have run and told his partner.

oral sex is not safe sex". But how much of a risk are you actually taking if you choose to practice unprotected oral sex? The HSV-1 always caused by oral sex it increase the herpes ratio. the largest dating and support == has more than 1,880,000 members and about 80% members are good looking in my estimation.

" Rivera forced the victim to perform oral sex on her in the back of his police car."

On HER? Lindsey, you should have had someone proofread this story after you typed it.

I hope someone does the same to him -in prison

Not a chance. He'll be "protected."

Not a chance. He'll be "protected."

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