Former El Paso Postman to be featured in TLC documentary


POSTED: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 6:47pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 5:48pm

Almost 50 years have passed since john f. Kennedy was assassinated and a new TLC documentary is showing us how the nation came together to comfort a grieving first family. That documentary showcases letters from one El Paso man who not only shared his grief with Jackie Kennedy. But the parallel lines that JFK and Henry Gonzales had.

Henry Gonzales passed away almost 10 years ago. But through this letter and the upcoming documentary it will be featured in. His family explains, it's like Henry's memory is coming to life through his words.

"Dear Mrs. Kennedy, I am but a humble postman, and I realize the many letters you have received which is but deserving to you,” these are the words read to us by Tara Joachim. Tara reads a letter her father Henry Gonzales wrote to Jackie Kennedy on December 8, 1963. "He had so much grief that he did want to express himself in a letter to her."

It was just a month after the first lady lost her husband, John F. Kennedy and his were words so charged, and comforting, "To see one letter survive was just astonishing it just was wonderful to find out."

The letter was featured in the book letters to Jackie -- which is what the upcoming TLC documentary is based on. The documentary will also include home movies the Gonzales family shared with us. "It's very special."

"I was surprised and happy,” Maria Gonzales, Henry’s wife said.

Tara and Henry's wife, had no idea what message the letter contained until it was featured in the book.

"I didn't know that he had drawn parallels between their same age, the age of Jackie Kennedy and my mother, the year that they were married," Tara explained.

He even mentioned his daughter Tara in the letter "I'm not ashamed to say how terrible we all felt at this tragedy. And even my five year old girl cried that day."

"I actually remember being outside, running around, playing,” Tara recounted.

The former postman was also a stamp collector and shared that with Mrs. Kennedy.

"I do sincerely hope the new stamp in memory of your husband will do him justice." Though the proud El Pasoan died almost ten years ago.

"It's as if all of those facets to his life came back alive again."

A part of him will live on in the Kennedy Library.

Gonzales is survived by his wife, four kids, and grandchildren. The documentary will air on TLC this coming Sunday at 9 pm.

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