Florida Mom Shoots, Kills Teenage Children For Talking Back

Florida Mom Shoots, Kills Teenage Children For Talking Back

POSTED: Monday, January 31, 2011 - 5:17pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 28, 2014 - 8:48am

TAMPA, FLA— A Florida woman was ordered held without bail after investigators said she killed her two teenage children for back-talking.

Julie Powers Schenecker, 50, made her first court appearance in court on Monday.

Police said Schenecker shot her 13-year-old son, Beau, in the head twice for “talking back” as they drive Thursday evening. Schenecker then drove home, police said, and shot her 16-year-old daughter Calyx in the face as she was doing homework at her computer.

Schenecker's mother called police Friday morning saying she was concerned for Schenecker's welfare because she was depressed. Officers found Schenecker covered in blood outside her home in the backyard.

Schenecker's husband is a Colonel in the U.S. Army and is currently serving in the Middle East.

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Julie Schenecker killed her children. We now know that she had a history of drug abuse and that she had repeatedly slapped her daughter before that. Al Gore didn't cause this, as one poor fool suggests. "Mom" did it, and she had exactly the same excuse as any other murderer: if she had been raised better, with a better brain, she wouldn't have done it. Since Florida has the death penalty, she should face it, as do the poor and non-white so often. (I can't get over the bit about Al Gore. My my!)

I wonder? How much of this was caused by people like Al Gore and the schools teaching children that they know more then their parents! If the children were brainwashed into believing that and they began to act out to their parents as to how stupid they were, then the schools and people like Al Gore are partly responsible for this horrible event! Be careful to understand the underpinnings of our social dilemma!!

I do not know any mother in her "right" mind who would want to kill her children. This woman obviously had a psychiatric condition that was not treated properly. I don't think she should be held responsible for what she did. I think maybe her husband should hold some of the responsibility for not seeing that she did get the correct treatment or that there was someone there at home to support her while he was away. No matter what, this cetainly was a tragedy for all.

God did not give us the blessing of children to kill them. No matter if we all do die in the end or not, no one has the right to take a life BUT God. And if you fill other wise about killing your own children you are just as sick and disturbed as this mother was and is for killing her children!

yall are all carzyy!!!

I don"t think that was funny, if anything its very sad that she had a mental problem but I don;t think she was treated for her problem. She sound like she is bipolar, and that type of disease when she gets mad she just black out and don;t know what she is doing or the consequence behind it.

Who cares????????? the point is many people die every day due to psycho paths like this woman

Wow what a stupid I mean who in The world kills there owe kids just for back talking I think she should be killed

Well think about it. Her kids must have waay past atrocious to get her to crack like that.

we need to vote to change the law that do not allow parents to discipline their children physically. The folks who provide the basis for this country grew up under the rod and the belt and we did not have as many psychopaths, serial killers, prostitutes, drug abusers, and the sorts back then as we have today. If you think that not disciplining your child will make him perfectly happy, you live in fantasy land. Had those children gotten spanked they would be still alive! Hail to the belt and rod!

You're kind of missing the point, though. The majority of people agree that beating kids is bad. Therefore, even if it were made legal, most people wouldn't do these things to their kids. Also, I don't know what kind of "fantasy land" YOU live in, but there just as many "psychopaths, serial killers, prostitutes, drug abusers, and the sorts" back then as there are now. It's just that back then, you didn't talk about that sort of thing. It still happened, people just weren't talking about it.

Didn't the gun she used to shoot each of her kids in the head with... obtained LEGALLY?!?!?! Which translates into - she had the presence of mind at LEAST 3 days before actually getting the thing in her grubby little hands when she ORDERED it for the express purpose of slaughtering her own living-breathing-walking-talking offspring. After she killed the 1st one, she then went to seek out the 2nd. Sounds quite deliberate to me.

The thing I want to know is did she have the depresion before her husband left for deployment? If so why did the army not step in? Or was the depresion a result of the deployment? I know other military spouses who get depresion when hubs deploys and I myself have had it to the point of boarder line phycosis which they pulled my hubs from a deployment list over till I showed it resolved. My heart goes out to the dad who is serving overseas! To even imagine having to come home to that.

We haven't heard anything on how life was for this family in the 16 years prior. With the first born, then the second. I wonder. This kind of tragedy is very difficult to understand. Usually the media shows pictures of a more happier time, mom holding baby, children sitting around the Christmas tree opening presents, family photos, etc., etc.. Then something like this happens. What in the world happened? This woman wasn't born this way.

The Word of God tells us to have the mind of Christ, it is an impossible thing without first accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. He loves all of His children even this woman who did this aweful thing. Let us who read this make a choice today who we will serve and spend eternity with. Will it be the Devil who's mission is to steal, kill, and destroy or Christ Jesus who came that we might have life and life more abundantly. If your reading this and you don't know Jesus, ask Him into ur heart

Wow, way to turn a tragedy into an opportunity to spread your religion to places it doesn't belong. If this G-d of your is so great, why doesn't He ever step in and stop things like this from happening in the first place? It's a "miracle" when an experienced pilot safely lands his plane in the Hudson, but it's "free will" or "the influence of the devil" when people murder their own children.

inj reading your post here lets take a look at the first sentence and do a seripous reality check here. its basically saying that only certain people are good enough or deserve to know who God is. and it sort of sounds like you consider yourself one of those people who feel that your own goodness has elevated you to a position whre you feel you have the right to do this. guess what none of us are. WE ALL HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF HIS GLORY. the heart of ALL MEN sans GOD is wicked JER 17:9


God makes every thing happen for a reason so BACK OFF ATHEIS

You are looking at the situation wrong. We are here because, God loves us all. God landed that plane, probably because alot of people prayed on that plane, when all landed safely to the ground. That's the Miracle! It's a relatioship with God Not a Religion. God did not tell this woman to kill, it was her choice. This Woman has a choice in what she does, I guess she made the wrong choice. Don't BLAME GOD for people's choices.

life is an example and God is a gentlemen. Ever since the new covanent, people are even more free to make a right or wrong decision. we are judged after death. Life is too uncertain to have miracles happening up the ying yang. we're not servants for nothing

Wow is right you must have no idea he is the beginning and the end and this chapter like so many before this one has been written the pilots story was writtin to. get a clue. Just like the devil has been among us who from the beginning so was Jesus not knocking your beleive but let also be real.

Wow way to sprend atheism. You wouldn't know of situations that may have had different outcomes of tragedies if the holy spirit intervene because there was nothing to report. Maybe this poor lady was overcome by the same spirit that consumes you...

Amen Howard58.

this is horrible..but have sympathy obviously nobody in this discussion has ever experienced severe depression, its a brain disease, im sure it wasnt her that killed her children it was her inner demon!! plz take no offense this is beyond twisted but depression is nothing to play with.if u or any1 u know is going thru it plz get help b4 sumthing lik this happpens again

I HAVE experienced severe depression and still knew right from wrong. And I knew to get help.

Psychosis maybe, but not depression, could have caused her to act this way, IMO.

I also have trouble taking someone's opinion seriously when they use "text speak" to respond. I mean, is it really THAT hard to type out the word "anyone," "before," and "please"?

That's BS. It was her who shot an killed her children. She time to think about what she was doing, Especially going home an shooting her daughter.

iI think that maybe she could have seeked help for her depression, but killing was not the answer...People hopefully will learn from this story and try to seek help if they feel backed in a corner of depression...talk to a pastor, doctor, or anyone that can help...Life is something only given by God..we don't have the right to take a life....

Depression is not an excuse to hurt or kill your beautiful children. I have two teen-aged girls and I have been mouthed off to several times, without resorting to violence. You have to disciplined properly. I am sure that Julie Power's husband was not happy about coming home from the service without anymore family members around. I can't believe how crazy and unstable people can be. It was bad enough what happened to the Senator of Arizona, and all the other politically involved people.G-d weeps

Are you dumb shooting your own kids you're sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im a single mother of 3 Kids and they can drive me crazy, but i dnt know how can us the person that are suposed to protect them are able to take there life in such a cold way.. I think they should give her the same punishment she thought it was correct for her kids.. i believe that a person that is depress and under any medication should be under 24 hour supervision more if they have kids..very sad for this situation..
Single Mom 3

well hello

Its not always in one state or another it happens everywhere it just doesnt hit the media like some. Remember susan smith pushing the car with her babies in it and then blaming a black man for taking them well that happened in south carolina, dont think its just one state to blame for all this horrible stuff its all over...

I understand what she did was very wrong. But who's to say what these kids were really like. I work in a system where parents are afraid of their kids. Where kids curse at their parents on a normal basis. Where kids hit their parents. Wher kids are "perfect" at school but when the get home it's a totally different story. Who are we to judge this woman?

I would hate to think that I was paying you to work with my children.There R a lot of misbehaved children whom there parents are scared of.Which would of never happened in the first place if they would have taught them right from wrong.And used the right type of punishment when they did wrong.I to have worked with not so perfect children.But if a parent can not handle them or is to scared of them then what are they doing with them in the first place?All I can say is I hope you dont have a GUN!

That is so true of your statement. No one don't know how the children are behind close door but thier parents. I have seen it all, and we're no one to judge.

You are an idiot! We are everyone to judge this pshycopath! I dont care what those kids did behind closed doors, they did not deserve what they got! People like you need to be strung up next to her and shot, people like you are who cuase this great nation to constantly crumble what she did was wrong plain and simple! I have three boys and early on in thier lives they received thier spankings and pushimnents, They respect thier parents, thier teachers and thier elders and get recieve complements!

It is hard for people to believe that a child can have two faces. I have one. He is not abusive, not physically anyway. But he says some very cruel things to me. And, if I were to tell the people at school or his grandparents etc, no one would believe me. He is a Jeckle and Hyde.

REALLY?? Nothing,gives this woman the right to take someones life. I don't care what these kids did (if they did anything) there are millions of ways to handle disrespectful kids than killing them. There are other routes you can take if you can't handle parenthood. As for her being abused by her kids, if that were true evidence of this would have shown by now. AS for judging her,I WILL because no one has the right to decide who lives and who dies, where would we be if everyone thought like that!

It doesnt really matter how these kids was.It doesnt give there mother a right to kill them.If the kids was bad she should of got help for them.If the parents are scared of the kids they need to get lots of help for there kids not kill them.All kids can do the same thing be good at school and bad at home.That doesnt meen that the parent needs to lose control and kill them.People need to stop blaming it on not being in the right mind.The person was in the right mind when she killed them.

A "right minded" person then is a murderer? Something is terribly wrong with a person that kills another person. There is something very wrong with their thinking process. I just don't believe murderers are in their "right mind" when killing......

i feel really bad for the kids if the were talking back to her send them to their room or something else now she probley regurts it i hope she dies no child should have to be murdered by their parents or anyone else

Are you an idiot! Seriously? You need help!!!!!

grow up june66

If they were so bad, perhaps she could have tried handing them over to the courts before shooting them in the head

If she was in her "right mind" maybe she would have.....then again who knows.

I Agree With you

I'll second that

I am with most of you. I work in law enforcement, and this horror happens everywhere!!!
For those that wanna "preach" GOD? Whos GOD? your GOD? These insane acts happen...by all kinds of people from ALL religons!

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