Flooding hits Socorro's neighborhoods

Benjamin Zamora

POSTED: Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 8:21pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 10:23pm

Dozens of families that live in this the Socorro-Horizon area had to leave their houses this morning after the severe storm that hit the borderland overnight left their homes flooded completely, other residents uselessly tried to clean the water out.

Water levels at the neighborhood located at Pattie Joe drive in Horizon surprised all residents, the Socorro Police Department and the El Paso Sheriff's Office helped several residents evacuate the area.

Some of them were trapped inside their homes and were taken out in school buses and lifted trucks,because the water was so high it was almost impossible to drive by in a car, various drivers attempted to cross but the cars stranded, we talked to a man who owns properties in this neighborhood he said the damages were overwhelming.

"the water is actually inside the garage its flooded and one of the neighbors told me that he can not get out of his house, we traveled on thunder road right now and it's completely flooded, some of these houses are up to three feet underneath so it's pretty bad" Horizon resident Carlos Alvarez said.

And as Alvarez said Thunder road which is nearby the Horizon exit in 1-10 also flooded, the water canal that runs besides the boulevard over flowed, one witness said this is the first time he sees something like that

"just a lot of traffic everybody is stopped in the freeway is not moving, theres a lot of water"
"very careful because people here are not used to the driving in the rain so they might get in some accidents" Socorro resident Valerie said.

Mayor of Socorro Jesus Ruiz has requested help from the National Guard, while most of the people who evacuated the areas are already in shelters.

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