Flooding hits Berino, NM homes


POSTED: Friday, September 20, 2013 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 7:59pm

Berino NM residents were caught off guard last night; some of the homes in the town flooded in a matter of minutes even though it wasn’t raining there.

The Holguin family was shocked as they watched their home flood last night; it was the same story for several other families in this Berino neighborhood after a dam overflowed
"The clouds just passed but it didn't rain at all, nothing so we were asking ourselves what was going on" Kimberly Peña said.

"It was really bad we didn't sleep all night we were cleaning up all the mud, everything got wet inside, we had to throw away our couches it was full of mud" German Holguin said.

Dona Ana County fire marshal Robert Monsivais said there was an immediate emergency response and found the dam just couldn't take the pressure.

"there was very little rain in the community itself the majority of the water came from the east side there was quite a bit of water that fell on the other side of the interstate arroyos run in to the dam and the dam couldn't necessarily handle them, or the amount of water that came in to it" Monsivais said.

Even though most of the water has been cleaned out from the homes, this family lost furniture, clothes and electronics.

"The water just came suddenly it didn't even give us a chance to grab anything we just had to get out" Maria Holguin added.

Berino residents said this dam was built with the purpose of preventing floods; they are now demanding answers and an explanation, Marshal Robert Monsivais stated that the county and the state is already working to fix all the failures.

"on Monday they declared a disaster in Dona Ana County so what that does is that helps us to open up funds that Dona Ana can apply for to help them restore the community as it was before and we're talking about for public properties which is everything the government owns" Monsivais concluded.

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