First responders testify in Carreon murder trial

First responders testify in Carreon murder trial
Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 9:24pm

EL PASO - Jurors in the Lorenzo Carreon murder trial heard testimony from first responders Thursday afternoon about what they saw when they arrived on the scene in August of 2010

Carreon is accused of beating and killing Frank Edward Jeffrey, 55, with a bat inside an apartment on Tays Street.

Police said in 2010, Carreon and Jeffrey got into a yelling match. They said then Carreon got physical, allegedly hitting the man in the head with a bat and killing him.

Carreon listened intently Thursday afternoon, as firefighters and officers each took the stand and described what they saw when they arrived at Carreon's apartment.
At the time of the incident, Carreon was already on probation for attacking police officers with a knife.

Carreon's sanity was questioned at the time, but he was deemed competent to stand trial and sentenced to probation because the officers were not injured.

About a month later, that's when he was arrested and accused of hitting and killing Jeffrey with a baseball bat.

During Thursday's testimony, firefighters said they arrived first on the scene before police.

One of the firefighters testified as he got closer to the apartment, he heard a lot of mumbling and saw a man with a knife on the other side of a screen door.

"I heard him say I killed somebody with a knife," the firefighter said on the stand.

The firefighter said the man, who was later identified as Carreon, was escorted onto the patio.

He said he went inside and saw a dark-skinned man on the floor, lying in a pool of blood.

"First thing I noticed was blood all over the floor, the ceiling and walls."

The officers who took the stand said Carreon had to be physically taken down and placed in handcuffs.

One of the officers said he tasered Carreon because he was resisting.

They said they were able to place Carreon in a patrol car where he was checked for injuries but did not appear to be hurt, according to testimony from firefighters.

Firefighters said it appeared Carreon was intoxicated.

The trial resumes Friday morning at 10pm.

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