NC9 First Friday Showcase: Electric Social

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POSTED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 7:25pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 7:42pm

For December, we feature one of El Paso's youngest bands, but they're also in high demand. 

Some call them, a happy band.

And we might even add a little "bounce rock" to that.

Others have made the reference to "early Blondie." But Electric Social, is a genre in its own right. Only eight months in the making, this group of six  has made quite a few El Pasoans do some bouncing of their own.

The band braves a guitar trio made up of Joshuia Elias, Joseph Saucedo and Steven Seigel, and they've made it work. 

Efforts in atypical lows with bassist Eric Gonzalez balance out the guitar arches in pitch. There's the cotton candy riot from Karen Pedrales and those twinkle toes. 

It's a storm of well-balanced pandemonium to say the least, embraced by Christian Yanez's thunder on the drums. 

You'll be impressed at their earlier efforts in getting their music out.

"Our first recording was at Blockbuster," Yanez said. "Our office was like a little closet.. I just had my phone up. So I recorded Karen, then separate Steven, Joseph."

There's no stopping this young band, though they have yet to perform outside of El Paso, plans to professionally record an EP in january are underway as their three songwriters/guitarists work together to hold on to the fuzz-pop-bounce-rock-dance riot image they've earned - with a priority for the fans.

"For me personally I want to make some more music that get the crowd more involved," Elias said. "I'm trying to write music that kinda has more of an effect that makes people want to jump."

For anyone not so familiar with the evolving music scene of El Paso, Electric Social has this message:

"I say just support the music you know, go, support it!"

You can watch the band Friday, Dec. 7 perfoming at Lowbrow Palace  on 111 Robinson. 

To get feel for Electric Social, check out their website:


Twitter: @ElectricSocial_


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