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POSTED: Friday, November 2, 2012 - 6:32pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 7, 2012 - 7:47pm

They call themselves Biscuit sounds a lot better though when pronounced "Biskeht Roll-ah" .. and they take the blues seriously.

"Biscuit Roller actually came from.. it was basically derived from an old blues term used in the late 30s early 40s," said vocalist/guitarist Taylor Bones. "They used that term to describe a woman that you could take home to mom, she's your girl, she's your Biscuit Roller."

The band kicked off as a duo, with only Taylor Bones and drummer Tony Chops to take the stage at first a couple of years ago.

Taylor Bones graced El Paso from his hometown of Atlanta and his connection to drummer tony chops two years ago was the inception of the band we can classify as blues, with some flavor."

"It's a mixture of southern and western influence I guess you can say," Bones said.

Biscuit Roller balanced out with the lows of bassist Freddie Towers and brought in keyboardist Stevie Keys to cook up the Biscuit Roller you hear today.

Now with a 4-biscuit course on the plate, the group is working with well-known producerJustin Leeah to get an album together in time for their spring tour and South By Southwest cap-off in Austin.

They hit that same festival in 2011 and were offered a monthly residency at Maria-Maria. That's Carlos Santana's restaurant in Austin. But the band wanted to refine their sound before taking on that type of touring expense.

Currently they're working the El Paso circuit to get known better locally.

"We've only played downtown and westside but we're going to start doing some more eastside shows," Bones said. "Hopefully by the time we go on tour next year early spring most of El Paso will have known about us."

El Paso already deserves a standing ovation however. They credit their current local fame to a booming music scene.

Countless muscians calling this city home are making their mark on the music map.

Make sure to catch your taste of 'Bisket Rollah' in your hometown while they're still hot.

They have a show coming up Nov. 17 at the San Carlos Building to benefit the Humane Society. The address is 501 Texas, and details can be found here: "> 

To hear more Biscuit Roller and to download a FREE EP: 

Biscuit Roller Facebook: 

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