First Friday Showcase: Ryan Gonzalez


POSTED: Friday, March 1, 2013 - 7:39pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 1, 2013 - 8:04pm

This month the NewsChannel 9 First Friday Showcase featured local singer Ryan Gonzalez with the support of Bernard Brown and Jay Wesby.

Ryan, at the age of 20 certainly has a mission. 

"I wanna pursue a career in music to see how far it'll take me," he said.

It was Ryan's parents however, that planted the seed for such a vision.

"I started singing when I was 5 or 6, that wasn't by choice though."
He was reluctant as a child when family asked him to sing at dinners and church, but his natural talent and parental intuition landed him on a musical journey filled with support. Much of it comes from his church, Destiny Faith Christian Center where he sings as a member of the choir.

"Recently I started letting people know, hey I'm trying to record an EP, it's gonna cost me some money though," he said.  "Thankfully I got a lot of their support, there's some random people that are just writing me checks, 'here, I believe in your voice, your music, here's 150 bucks, here's 200 bucks."

His gig partners, Jay and Bernard support his growing success, all for the love of music and the audience's reaction when they play together.

"I like to see the expression on people's face when they listen to your music," Jay said.

"That's the best part, to see people react what you do for what you do," added Bernard.

In the virtual world, Ryan's been making his marks on Youtube recording his own videos.

"When I go by my little sister's school, they scream, omygod you're the guy on Youtube!"

Ryan releases his first EP mid-March. Meanwhile, you can catch him at the Destiny Faith Christian Center on Sundays.

A special thanks to Tony Muela for the sound recording in the NewsChannel 9 studio. 

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