Fireworks vendors preparing for New Year's in Doña Ana County

Fireworks vendors preparing for New Year's in Doña Ana County
Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 6:39pm

Fireworks stands are popping up throughout Doña Ana County Wednesday on the first day vendors are allowed to sell fireworks for New Year's celebrations.Unknown Object

Planet Fireworks spent most of Wednesday setting up eight to ten locations in different parts of Las Cruces and the county selling only fireworks that are legal in the area.

"Whatever you buy in the city is legal, it's what you call safe and sane," said Planet Fireworks Owner Jimmy Nevarez. "Then we have other locations in Southern New Mexico like Mesilla, Hatch and Anthony which will have full-line products with artillery shells and aerial fireworks."

Nevarez said he always advises customer to practice safety when lighting fireworks.

He added having water nearby is always a good idea and said children should pop fireworks under adult supervision.

Nevarez said the limited amount of time allowed to sell fireworks makes it for a very busy week setting up the multiple locations and getting them fully stocked.

Fireworks can only be sold in the county for 6 days before and including New Year's day.

Doña Ana County Regulations:

Within the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County, permissible fireworks are ground and hand-held sparkling devices, including: (County Ordinance No. 233-07)
1. Cone fountains
2. Crackling devices
3. Cylindrical fountains
4. Flitter sparklers
5. Ground spinners
6. Illuminating torches
7. Wheels
8. Novelty items
The following types of fireworks are non-permissible fireworks and their possession, sale, possession for sale and use is prohibited within the unincorporated areas of Doña Ana County: (County Ordinance No. 233-07)
1. All fireworks prohibited under the New Mexico Fireworks Safety Act.
2. All aerial devices including:
a. Aerial shell kit-reloadable tubes
b. Aerial spinners
c. Helicopters
d. Mines
e. Missile-type rockets
f. Multiple tube devices
g. Roman candles
h. Shells
i. Stick-type rockets
3. All ground audible devices, including:
a. Chasers
b. Firecrackers

Fireworks shall not be discharged within:
1. One hundred fifty (150) feet of a fireworks retail sales location.
2. On state forestland, wild lands, or a Bosque.
3. A person shall not ignite fireworks within a motor vehicle or throw fireworks from a motor vehicle.
4. A person shall not throw ignited fireworks into or at a motor vehicle
5. A person shall not place or throw ignited fireworks at or near a person or group of people.
6. The discharge of fireworks on County roads and rights-of-way is hereby prohibited.

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