Fireworks sales begin in New Mexico, officials urge public to use them responsibly

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Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 9:25pm

Between June 20th and July 6th, fireworks will be on sale throughout New Mexico -- meaning people can buy and light fireworks in the state. But there are exceptions.

In Las Cruces, fireworks are only now allowed on barren or paved lands, and there must be a water source close by, so the public can't use them in city parks or in the desert.

The only types of fireworks people can buy and use in Las Cruces are ground and hand-held sparkling or smoking ones. 

Different rules apply in different regions. In Anthony, New Mexico, for instance, certain, state-approved aerial fireworks are allowed to be sold and used.

One resident we spoke with said he's staying away from fireworks all together.

"The weather is too hot, and I think it's going to be too dangerous for the community. Accidents happen so this year, we're not going to buy those fireworks because we don't want to cause those accidents," said Efrain Garcia.

Alberto Herrera said him and his friends light fireworks in the streets.

"Yeah, normally right there in the middle of the street -- that's where everybody does it. It's usually the older people who do it and they let the little kids do the simple fireworks," said Herrera.

Officials say you should never allow children to use or play with fireworks, always purchase fireworks from a licensed vendor, and never sell them to anyone who is under 16 years old or intoxicated.

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