Fireworks Ban in Borderland?


POSTED: Monday, June 13, 2011 - 4:52pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 1:47pm

EL PASO - Can you celebrate the fourth of July with no fireworks? You may not have a choice.

County Judge Veronica Escobar wants Governor Perry to declare a local disaster here, because of the drought. If that happens, the county might ban all fireworks-- including ordinary firecrackers and sparklers, until July 6th.

Last week, the county banned shooting fireworks.

Judge Escobar hopes to get the Governor's consent as soon as tonight. If that goes through, the Commissioner's Court would hold a public hearing on the matter tomorrow afternoon, and follow that hearing with a thumbs up or down vote.

We'll let you know what happens.

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In my opinion this is another way for the government to ban our rights. Since I have moved back to El Paso, I have yet heard of a fire that started,& out of control due to 4th of July fireworks. I can understand that many people feel they should be banned because of this possibility, but there are other ways of starting a fire than with fireworks. Just another way for El Paso to become more boring than it already is..thanks Judge Escobar,can't wait to move out from here with my degree & freedom!

Just watch fireworks on TV. New York City and Washington DC have great fireworks broadcast. They are far better than any locally. Just start a new tradition of watching them on TV or Computer. Have your barbeque in the back yard then watch online. Stay safe, avoid the crowds, save money, environment and all the kids that get hurt each year by holding fireworks. Be a responsible adult.

As much as I love to pop fireworks this time of year, I recognize that our city may not be ready to deal with a catastrophe brought on by a fire. We can still be patriotic without risking the lives of others. The responsible thing to do is ban the fireworks before a fire starts that cannot be controlled. If people really want to see fireworks, there are so many locations that will be doing them professionally and safely.

Most people are responsible and the Emergency Services District #2 collects between $250.oo
per stand per season, plus a 2% surcharge sales tax for the fire departments..its only fair that they put the tax dollars to use and be on alert during the holiday season.we get taxed for everything....hope the public servants realize no revenues for them if they ban all fireworks..but the taxpayer celebrates freedom but is being taxed to not celebrate freedom..where's the freedom and patriotism?

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