Fines Begin for Cell Phone Violators


POSTED: Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 7:32pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 16, 2010 - 10:10am

El Paso - Violators of El Paso's new cell phone ordinance now face a $114 fine.

The city's grace period for violators has officially ended.

Many drivers are heading off potential penalties with bluetooth and hands-free devices for their vehicles.

City leaders enacted the cell phone ban because of overwhelming evidence that distracted driving causes accidents.

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I've been run off or out of my lane due to stupid idiotic people on cell phones or texting on the FREEWAY! I ride a motorcycle.

You know, Today alone I saw at least 50 or more drivers still talking/texting on cells. Hmmm...

@Ready630- NO it doesn't imply to them...according to their offical stand they are allowed to use them during emergencies as we are but more for them. Only way to prove a cop is abusing his power and the law is take a video of him laughing at his homie on the other end in a moving vehicle.

Then you got yourself some proof and a case against them.

People love to complaint about what other people are doing or not doing. People should just concentrate on themselves and do what is right and legal. STOP the finger pointing and do your part.

I got rear-ended by someone talking on the hands free device. She was still talking when she got off her car to check her car and my car damage. She was so involved in the converastion that not even the accident prevented her from hanging up. I think the cellphone ban should include the use of hand free and blue tooth devices as well. The use of those devices do not make people safe while on the road.

I am totally for this law especially among teenage drivers. Every parent with a teenager should have a software program that cannot be used for texting & driving.

Just wondering it this ban applies to the city workers and the police. I see many of them using the cell phone while driving....cops are the worst of them all.

I agree with you on this issue. I see cops on the phone all the time, and you can tell they are personal calls buy the way they are laughing. Who will give them citations?

As dangerous the fine shouod be $250 or more. It would help the cities budget woes too.

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