Finding Forever Family Report: "Lupita"


POSTED: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 8:31am

UPDATED: Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 11:27am

Lupita, 12, was born with a hereditary disability and is developmentally delayed. Lupita and her three siblings were taken from their biological parents because of neglect. Their parents were reportedly drug users and didn't take care of the children properly.  They didn't get Lupita the medical attention and therapy she needed early on to deal with her disability.

That changed when the 12-year-old was placed with Child Protective Services. Now she gets the help she needs, and according to Jose Alamillo with CPS, Lupita is making progress.

"When she first came into care she couldn't stand up, she couldn't do a lot of things. She can now grasp for objects, she can play, she can interact, she can verbalize through sound and gestures and make her needs and wants known," said Alamillo.

Alamillo said he knows it is going to take that extra special person to adopt Lupita, but he is hopeful because time is running out and Lupita has the odds stacked against her. He added that it is hard to find a family willing to adopt a special needs child. Lupita is getting older, so Alamillo said finding her a forever family would be a big relief.

"It would provide that permanence for her and we wouldn't have to worry about when she turns 18 or 21, what is going to happened to her," he said.

When Lupita becomes an adult, Alamillo said she will age out of the system, and will have to be placed in an adult care facility such as a nursing home without a family.

Alamillo considers Lupita a very special kid in many ways, "She is an amazing little girl, very resilient in spite of her medical condition. She is extremely healthy," he said.



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how sad to read this i will have her in my prayers and pray to god her new parents get her soon

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