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Fight At Middle School Caught On Tape


POSTED: Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 5:08pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 11, 2011 - 11:23pm

EL PASO - It's a situation no parent wants to see, but it's been caught on tape - a YouTube video of two middle school students fist-fighting in a bathroom.

Ysleta Independent School District officials have confirmed this is video depicting a fight that occurred about a month ago at Parkland Middle School in the northeast.

The video was uploaded just days ago.  With profanities flying, it appears the students are being encouraged by their peers. The video description claims the boy in white was cornered and forced to defend himself.

The district says it doesn't know who uploaded the video But whoever did says, "That's what happens when you pick with the wrong people," and even poses the question, "Who do you think won?"

Earlier this morning we forwarded a link to the Ysleta School District. A press officer admitted it was disturbing. We also asked to have a sit down interview with principal and instead we got this statement:

"A fight between two students occurred one month ago at Parkland Middle School, which has recently surfaced on YouTube. When security got there the boys had already stopped fighting. They were taken immediately to the nurse. The parents were immediately notified and disciplinary action was taken."

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Dee Dea & JWest, it is crucial that not only KTSM but all other news outlets report on this terrible trend in our schools. It is shameful this violence has spiraled out of control and that school officials have done nothing about it. Parkland Middle School reported that they resolved the issue, but violence continues to occur. Obviously, they are putting a band aid on the issue and turing a blind eye to it. The fight should not have lasted for as long as it did. Shame on you, administration

when i went there about two years ago i would see a fight every other day, i have seen way more fights in parkland middle than parklnd high school. thats ssad

Everyone in the video should be held accountable, what a bunch of dorks, especially the gutless nerd who is video taping encouraging kids to engage in this type of behavior. Kids should be taught at home there is no such thing as peer pressure. Learn to think on your own and be independent. You don't need to hang around bad apples who are going to bring you down and get you in trouble. Bullys are insecure individuals who feel unloved and need attention.

The troublemakers are out of control. It's not safe for the good kids and the teachers.

The teachers are being blamed for the lack of discipline when I hear its the teachers who are doing all the discipline with very little support from anyone else. Ask the teachers!

When my kids went there, there were less problems because the troublemakers were held accountable for their actions.

The teachers should unite and speak out!

Why feature this in the news?? Where is the shame all involved should be feeling? How can they be shamed if this is your news feature??

What an undereducated decision to have this on your news --its using and exploiting children!

fight at this school happen every other day there are allways storys to be told about fight and how they happen under teacher nose... i understant its a lot of presure to be a teenager at this times and scary becuase this video is a trophy for these kids if you go to youtube u will find comments of other kids in this mocking who won and who lost how sad ....

Stupid kids. I bet these two did'nt even want to fight, it was pressure from the morons surrounding them. It would be a better world if young kids were not afraid to take a stand and say NO without a care of what others mights say. Sadly this happens everyday.

Whoops... I forgot... this is El Paso where the Sheriff goes on air and whines about his deputies abusing their power and having to support that stupid ol constitution thing or his deputies being held to a standard and being investigated like regular citizens so how can we expect school administrators to uphold their responsibilities?

YISD and Parkland Middle school need to relook at this video... The angle from which it was shot shows a downward angle and the same adult voice that says "Hey no jumping in, no jumping in" says "Kneel Manny, Get him Manny" and then Hey break it up at the end" Also, just before saying no jumping in you can see the long sleeve shirt of an adult... It appears that there were adults involved in encouraging the fight as well as the recording and uploading the video...

From what I hear from the teachers at Parkland Middle, this is probably what happened.

The students in the fight were told never to do it again.

The teacher who broke up the fight received a written reprimand.

I can not believe that this is happening at our schools and that the school system is not doing anything about it. It seems that the school system is more concerned with their jobs and their salaries then the kids they are teaching. maybe if they focused on their kids the wouldn't have to worry about standardized tests determining their salaries.

Someone else was pulling the strings, it was all set up very nicely. Your next step is to find that person or group that has other plans in mind with the school...;-)

wheres all administration when u need then!! of the office..when i went to school there was security, principal, staff everywhere in the hallways..

How about the other students who just stood and watched cheering on and encouraging the fight to continue? They should be held accountable as well!

why report on something that happened last month. You didn't mention the kids involved, their parents, or even the other's involved in the fight. the statement from the school said it already took care of the incident so why report something that already happened? why not report on the $200 million powerball winner? at least that's newsworthy.

So much for taking care of our kids! This Parkland Middle situation is way out of control. You have what appears to be gang initiation or gangs preying on a kid who didn't want to fight, but who was forced to defend himself. The administration must be asleep at the wheel. What's next after this?

Ever since my friend told me about this video, I can't get it out of my head...this is not the way our schools are supposed to be run. I mean, is this South Central L.A. or El Paso??

I don't know why this should come as a surprise to anyone. Parkland Middle School is known to be a gang laden school and the school district does nothing to ramp up security. The principle and vice principle should be to blame for their negligence!

I vote for the kid in black 3 rounds to 2.

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