Fierro found guilty of manslaughter, DWI, and aggravated assault

Fierro found guilty of manslaughter, DWI, and aggravated assault

POSTED: Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 5:28pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 30, 2013 - 10:18am

Jury finds him not guilty of intoxication manslaughter

A jury convicted Alejandro Fierro of manslaughter, aggravated assault, and DWI, after almost 4 hours of deliberations on Thursday afternoon.

Fierro was driving drunk back in October of 2010, when he hit and killed El Paso Police Officer, Karl McDonough, and injured Officer Ricardo Lopez.

Jurors found Fierro not guilty of intoxication manslaughter.

Defense attorney Josh Herrera said they were "pleased with the verdict" because it demonstrated that the jury understood that intoxication was not the sole reason for the accident, and that there were other factors involved.

During closing arguments Thursday morning, the prosecution insisted that Fierro's drinking and driving on the night of the accident was the main reason why the crash happened, and that jurors should convict Fierro for intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

Assistant District Attorney, Myrna Pages told jurors that the officers "were serving you when they responded to a possible drunk driver. And the ironic thing is that they got killed by a drunk driver."

Assistant District Attorney, Ray Duke emphasized the fact that Fierro changed his story to police several times the night of the accident both about how much he had to drink and what kind of alcohol he consumed. 

"Frankly, there are so many stories, it gets confusing after a while," he said.

Fierro's defense attorneys stood strong behind their argument that the two police officers were speeding that night and ran a red light - factors the defense claimed caused the crash.

The defense also insisted to jurors that the prosecution was trying to make them emotional by showing images of the dead officer and the crime scene throguhout the trial.

Defense attorney Dolph Quijano told jurors, "You're not here to rectify the death and injury of those police officers. We're asking you to give Alejandro a fair trial."

Defense attorneys urged jurors to use logic and not emotion when deciding their client's fate.

Alejandro Fierro was taken into custody after the verdict was handed down.

He faces between 2 to 20 years in prison, or 10 years probation.

Sentencing begins Friday morning at 8:30AM.

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I was hit by an idiot on my motorcycle. I lost my right foot and other injuries. The man had no insurance.
He got away with it and paid nothing, All burden has been on me .... Yet socialist cops are treated special and we all have to feel sorry for them, and the man who hit them gets convicted???
What about me, Why isnt the state run media covering my accident???
Where are my rights??? No money hungry lawyer dont even want to touch my case...
As a patriot Army Veteran, am I not special???

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