Feces & Urine Problem In Downtown El Paso


POSTED: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 - 5:48pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 23, 2013 - 10:10am

EL PASO - It's disgusting, unsanitary and it's going to leave you shaking your head. Migrant workers have turned a Downtown El Paso alley into a gigantic toilet.

Human urine stains the walls and feces is piled up in an alley that's just blocks away from the Convention Center and other tourist hotspots.

"If they don't let you go inside, you have to go anywhere. That's why El Paso is like that," Roberto Miranda said.

Miranda is a migrant worker. He sleeps outside of the Farm Workers Center, like at-least one-hundred other people, and he waits for work in the early morning hours. The disgusting alley is around the corner from the center. Miranda admits the migrant workers us it as their personal toilet.

"No, nobody thinks this is sanitary," Miranda said.

He told us the migrant workers have no choice but to use the restroom outside.

"We don't want to do that, but all the time when we want to go inside they say 'no,'" he said.

We questioned the Director of the Farm Workers Center. He told us the people that urinate and defecate in the alleys are not migrant workers.

"Most of the people in the street are homeless people," Carlos Marentes said.

Marentes told us the alley isn't his problem.

"That's a problem by the city. That's a social problem the city needs to address," he said.

We also spoke to neighbors.

"Hepatitis A, B and C can be in any of those mounds of feces, and they're all over the place," Randy French said.

Despite being concerned for his family's health, French doesn't think the problem is the migrant workers.

"Parts of me blame them, especially the ones who get really drunk. The biggest part no, because they have no facilities," he said.

French says he's reported the problem to the city, but he says the city has ignored his pleas for help.

"I think somebody through the city should be responsible for cleaning up all the mess, and the quick fix is porta potties," he said.

Today Mayor John Cook told us he's been well aware of the problem, but he said he doesn't know how to fix it. He said he's already sent Code Enforcement out, but he says they need to catch the people in the act. He says that hasn't happened.

Tonight we're still waiting for the City of El Paso to tell us who is responsible for the cleanup.

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These are part of Obama's Army of Welfare Voters - he wants them here!


In Mexico the government will not supply anyone with a free toilet. The people do not pay taxes there so the government says they have no money to supply services. The people do not pay taxes as a general rule, just like they do in the states, except in Mexico, all gringos are seen as rich. Therefore the gringos are charged more than any Mexican would pay. They discriminate against Americans, just like in the states. In Mexico it is always what can they get for free, just like in the states.

These "people" bring absolutely nothing to the table.Their woman are disgusting and their offspring are just dull-eyed future murderers and rapists.They don't want our land ,they want our infrastructure and once they finish destroying whats left of it,they will leave.

Maybe we should rub there nose in it like training a dog not to poop on the floor. hey Mexico go ruin your own country! oh that's right you've already done that.

El Paso will be turning into Cd Juarez, Mexico or as they now call North Mesa Street in El Paso: Avenida Juarez. This is from all the people who have comed from Juarez to live here.
When will our Texas Government hear our pleas? A good percentage of people from Juarez now live here in El Paso, some of them being the drug cartel. Go across the border and see how they live out there, exactly the way El Paso is becoming, filthy, dirty, no laws and just right a cesspool of germs and illness's.

When there are no requirements of residence and citizenship you get people coming here that don't respect our way of life. If you go to Mexico you see this in a lot of allies.Put cameras in the ally and make those who crap there be the ones to clean it up. Then don't give the crappers any more work.Word would get around quickly that if you don't respect America you don't work here. Simple solution.

what did the ILLEGAL Irish and Italian trash the swelled the American cities in 1900's onward do ?

Any illegal immigrant from any nation is just that. Illegal. Our jails, medical and school facilities are not full of any illegal immigrants from any country but mexico. Your grammar says your mexican, so GO HOME!

If these were homeless AMERICANS, I could see the rightness of providing portable toilets at taxpayers expense. But since they are MEXICANS, they have no right to use AMERICA as their toilet. If they must defecate out-of-doors, then the proper place for them to do it is in MEXICO.

If you catch a MEXICAN defecating on US soil, shoot him. Then he won't ever have to defecate again.

They're defecating where Americans won't.

Send the illegals "homeless" and "workers" to clean it up and then kick them back across the border! One more reason why America needs a wall on it's border. The Mexicans can defecate and urinate on it on their side of the border then!

Simple solution... take care of the problem, by sending our full house jail of inmates to go clean up the alley...then sanitize the area, put a fence ( its a alley) put up no trespass signs.. The mayor should go visit San Antonio.. they have a cleaning crew out their everyday. If we want tourism, we need to use those dollars to foot the bill.. Mr. Mayor its a no brainer.. Keep El Paso Beautiful..enough said

Who exactly is supposed to pay for the portapotties? Who pays for servicing them? How about these pigs buy a couple and do their own cleanup. You flipping bleeding hearts make me sick. Why don't you pay for it and leave the rest of us tax payers alone.

The Mayor said he doesn't know how to fix the problem. Come on now, that is just ridiculous, but if this was happening near his home. I'm sure he would have found a quick solution to the problem.

To all legal, illegal, and un-documented...its still your responsibility if you are here in this country to pay taxes like everyone else.

Its called ITIN for those who do not have a SSN. A new law should force all migrant employers to do E-verify and pay by check so the proper taxes can be garnished from the employee.

If this happened then i'm sure a restroom would be built for you because the taxes from you, helped pay for it. Its not difficult to understand.

SHAME , SHAME , SHAME. Shame on Mr. Marentes - who doesn't care that fellow human beings resort to this action just so he can have a clean building - that was probably built with taxpayer money. He must have forgoten what it is like to be poor - Shame on the Mayor for allowing this to happen just feet from his pristine city hall. Shame on all the politicos who look the other way yet pushing this idealist vision of beautification of downtown?? Yes - this is a lot of manure.

So maybe letting local cops round up illegals isn't such a bad idea after all, is it?

Where did you get "illegals" from? It said migrant workers. Stop assuming. And there are so many wrong things with your short, little, no thought message that I am not even going to start. Just shut up and move out of El Paso. Have you not noticed it's full of Mexicans. I am ASSUMING from your ASSUMPTION that you are a racist. GO on, MOVE!

It's time to call the Federal Department of Health on the WHOLE City of El Paso. We get fined if we water on the wrong days, we get fined if the weeds are over 12", we get fined if we park on the wrong side of the street..etc. Quarantine Downtown El Paso, even City Hall. Lets see how long it will take them to clean up that Sh!t. But seriously folks, what it boils down to,is new rules,regulations and laws will be made, enforced and the regular Joe & Jane will end up paying for it,even school kids

Hey you bleeding heart idiots, this is unsanitary, and perhaps against the law. Why have the El Paso Payaso Police Dept not acted to this? If someone is peeing or crapping in my alley im going to call the PD clowns to check it out. Looks to me like they know about this, and have looked the other way, nothing new for El Paso PD. Mayor Cook is keeping his head in his ass over this, if he knew about this problem, he, or a competent person would have done something about it.

If you really are as STUPID as you sound, God help you! You stupid dumbass!!!

all i know is that I want the picture that was on today's afternoon news "POOP ALLEY" lol. I just came back from la, raving about how much I love el paso, and then I find my apt building on el paso street labeled poop alley on a screen teaser while the anchor described the fecal sensation.

Sounds like to me that this is a perfect community service opportunity for that 5 time DWI offender....Assign him and his co-offendors this alley each and every morning... shovel in hand and fresh dirt to keep the urine saturation level low...??? Heck...make 'em wear the pink outfits, Maricopa style!!!!

Reminds me of skid row: Wait till it rains :)

wow. makes me proud to be from ....somewhere other than the Borderland...

Since they are migrant workers, they could be illegal. So send them home and send the bill to their country...

chris your an idiot, keyword here is workers they are here to work for the money they make! They obviously know what a dollar means to them and there family. It's not there fault they can't be provided with porta-poties while they wait to earn a dollar!

MIkeB ( does that stand for BIRDBRAIN)..I said if you could read, THEY COULD!!! be illegals! DUMBA$$

Mike you must have missed the part about some being drunk. They're working to get enough for a quart for dinner an thats all. Bet the family's never see or even here from these "workers".

So you want the taxpayer to put up the tab for them defacating and urinating in public domain? Key word here is illegal workers. Nothing but. Chris is right. Send them home and let them urinate in public in their country.

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