FDA May Approve Home HIV Tests

FDA May Approve Home HIV Tests
Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 3:29pm

An FDA advisory panel will discuss the first over-the-counter HIV test that consumers can use in the comfort of their own home -- and learn whether they have the virus in twenty minutes.

Rapid HIV testing has been available in medical clinics for years.

Studies show the oraquick in-home HIV test can correctly diagnose the illness in 93-percent of patients. There are some concerns that number is too low -- and missing seven percent of positive patients can have major repercussions. Some experts are also concerned people who learn they have the virus will not seek medical care. 

Supporters of the test say it will likely increase the number of people screened for the virus which should lead to fewer people spreading the illness.

The FDA usually follows the recommendation of it's advisory panel. There are more than two hundred thousand americans infected with HIV who don't know they have the virus.


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