FBI Investigating Beating Outside Gay Club as a Hate Crime


POSTED: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 11:47am

UPDATED: Monday, October 1, 2012 - 1:26pm

EL PASO -  Update: Wednesday: The FBI is now investigating the beating of a 22 year old man as a hate crime.

Local spokesman Special Agent Michael Martinez told NewsChannel 9 the story was handed over to his office on Tuesday afternoon.

The beating took place early Saturday morning outside of the Old Plantation, or OP, a local gay club.

The victim's family told us this morning that the 22 year old man is still in critical condition.

They hope the FBI's involvement brings more attention to the case.

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A 22-year-old Hispanic man is in critical condition after being attacked in Downtown El Paso early Saturday morning.

The beating took place outside of the Old Plantation or OP, which is a popular gay club.

El Paso police say they have no evidence to label the attack a hate crime, however the family feels otherwise.

We spoke with the victim's sister, Deanne Martinez, this morning at UMC where her brother is still listed in critical condition.

Martinez was there Saturday and witnessed the attack. "He was on the floor laying there knocked out and they still kept bashing his head with a bat. That to me is so cowardly. "

Martinez says she and another family member tried to stop the attack but the men turned on them, she said "I was trying to pull out my brother and she was pushing off the guys. They ended up bashing her Jeep Liberty."

So far police say they have no evidence to call the attack a hate crime.
Martinez calls that ridiculous.
She says her brother isn't gay but he was alone outside of a gay club and the men who attacked him made it clear why they picked him.

Martinez said, "they were yelling gay slurs and yelling their gang name or where they're from."

Martinez also told us this isn't the first time she's heard of that same group of men harassing people in the area.
She hopes someone comes forward with information about who these guys are, "I want these guys to be caught. Because this was a brutal and heartless crime."

Police haven't named any suspects. They are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 566-TIPS.


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As a relative of the young man who was beaten i would like to thank everyone for their prayers and support.As for those justifiyng the EPPD when your loved one is severly bleeding and fighting for his life every minute counts. Them taking thirty minutes to get there was ridiculous when there just around the corner i ask you."WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR LOVED ONE"...

Hate,when people hurt someone out of hate is the way of showing anger for the lack of happiness,they are everywere and they allways found one excuse to hate and hurt people .they allways end up living a scrwed up life and allways in lots of problems,eventually they will pay for all the wrong things they have done.

What is wrong with people? It doesn't matter if if someone was gay or a lesbian. Don't you see the bigger picture? Someone was brutally attacked for just going about his business. Doesn't matter if it was a gay club or a grocery store! That is part of what is wrong in El Paso. Instead of people banding together to stop violence, people are turning this into a sexuality issue. Start caring about other people. What if this happened to you? Things would be different then.

This happened before about 3 months ago, a bunch of "Cholos" Started talking smack to drags and trannys when the drags and trannys didn't stay quiet a big fight occur, There's always this crazy cholos outside the op just starting problems, you can't even look at them cuz they start talking smack or wanting to fight!

This happened before about 3 months ago, a bunch of "Cholos" Started talking smack to drags and trannys when the drags and trannys didn't stay quiet a big fight occur, There's always this crazy cholos outside the op just starting problems, you can't even look at them cuz they start talking smack or wanting to fight!

(Cont)When police finally arrived, my bf was speaking to them, giving them all necessary info, but when he mentioned that this might be a hate crime and that there is always a group of "straight" guys that yell obscenities at gay people, the officers just walked away. It was like they just didnt want to deal with it.

i wanted to add that earlier in the night when we arrived, there was a group of "straight" guys making hateful comments towards gay people going to the OP, and security there does nothing. Instead of keeping the peace, they just stand around and sometimes even laugh at the fights that break out. I am also extremely disappointed with EPPD, as soon as the fight broke out, i called 911, and police took a very long time to arrive, when there is a station right around the corner.

Maybe next time we have to call EPPD we should say it is a fight with a bunch of females--half naked--see how fast they will show. It might be worth to them the report they have to write, oh, and they might even be able to get a couple of phone #s.

oh my god, some people that are leaving comments on here saying it was Lionel's fault are so idiotic, me and my group of friends were actually with him walking towards the OP, when OUT OF NOWHERE A GROUP OF COWARD DOUCHEBAGS STARTED JUMPING HIM and then out of nowhere someone else comes running with a bat and starts beating him while he's laying on the floor! I am gay, my bf and friends know him from middle school, he is not gay, but the guys that beat him def. thought he was.

Sat at 12:30 p.m. infront of the OP, 301 s. Ochoa St.. A march 2 City Hall.. Thrs been 2 many hate crimes and no sign of concern by our leaders or authority. Enough!! Its time we show the city of El Paso the importance of this issue and the dangers we r facing!! Straight, Gay, Trensgender, Black, white, male, or female, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ATTACKED!!! come show ur support.

This is most definetely a hate crime. And its a hate crime because of the "hate" people have towards the gay population. People with that sense of entitlement to take care of the 'gay' thing by beating up and nearly killing innocent people are the ones who are really sick. Aids is not a gay disease vanhellslinger. It does not discriminate like you do. Why you are so full of hate only makes me wonder maybe your gay. If you are we don't want you on our team. Stay in the closet with your hate.

The stats do not lie. Aids is prevalent among the gay communitty. To deny it is to hate gays. Protect yourself from the disease. Practice safe sex and stop spewing hate from your side just because you don't agree with someone about your own sexuality. Accusing Vanhellslinger of being gay will only make an enemy you may not want. You want respect? Show it. There are a lot of us out here that do not want anyone to hurt you just because you are gay. Try not to alienate us. Hate knows no sex.

ya i agreed with you about that dutch bag that has something to say about us lesbian/gays. u have no say o ur opinion we are who we are an will satnd proud for our sexuality!! Proud to be a lesbian!!!

It's duechbag. Anyone in the US has a right to speak their mind. That's how conversations can lead to solved problems. Yea, you are proud of your sexuality. But so am I about mine. Those scumbags that hurt that kid committed a hate crime and will pay. But if you want to be respected, stop shoving your sexuality on those that are on the side of justice. You are a human being and that is all I care. An injustice has been done. Let's work together to bring those culpable to justice. Hate has no sex

dude i totally agree with u:)

Call it a hate crime, call it a violent crime, bottom line is that a young man, gay or not gay, that is not really our business, got very hurt. Lets take two steps backward, as well as a couple of breaths, and see what the El Paso Payasos Police Dept is REALLY going to do about it, or as usual put their head up their ass in though calls like this. contact your downtown City Rep on this for followup, but dont expect much, I got the usual spin from him on other issues.


The CDC just released its new statistics on gays and AIDS in America. Their conclusion is approximately 1 in 5 gay males in the U.S. is infected with AIDS, and most of them don’t know it or bother to get tested. The liberal mind has no shame, the audacity of demanding gay rights in the military. DADT should be repealed and replaced with what came before that “no gays in the military at all”. God will prove himself true again as this plague will mutate and hybridize and a renaissance of death

What the hell is wrong with you!!! WE ARE HUMAN, WE ARE ALL HUMAN, and rights, well everyone should have them.

What does this have to do with a bunch of scumbags attacking an innocent person and beating him until he is almost dead? Whatever your thought about gays, an injustice has been committed. It was an injustice against another human being. This should outrage you and call for justice. If you are a true Christian then let God take care of it. We do not have a mandate to hate one another. Hate has no sex.

I was an HIV/AIDS educator in the early 90's when the AIDS epidemic was just starting. I remember early stats when 93% of all known AIDS patients were homosexual males and the other 7% were IV drug users. A tiny number were women and children or straight. We knew the vector but refused to call it what it was, and as a result the epidemic was allowed to spread to protect the lifestyles of one class of people. This does not give anyone license to hurt gays, but we must be allowed to tell the truth

this has nothing to do with gays, so what if were gay or lesbians, we are who we are an will be forgiven by god, ther is no need for this convo

Forgiven,Why?Do you feel it's wrong to be gay?Being gay isn't my cup of tea but I do feel that if you are, there's no need for justification.Like you said, "You are who are."No one in the world of flesh has the right or room to pass judgment on what they find taboo or dif. because we all are born with sin. Just with the simple act of having an impure thought is a sin.All the so called "righteous" if in fact truly knew the bible they would know that not loving all the creators creatures is a sin.

Proud, who do you think you are to judge those have a different sexaul lifestyle than yourself? If YOU read the bible you'll also find many other writings that I'm sure you do. Next time you eat shellfish on a Sunday, then I'll see you in Hell. Our God is a powerful and loving God. so as much as you are Proud to b you, I am a gay male and proud of who I am in Gods eyes.

I got news for you neither FAGS OR LESBOS will be forgiving by GOD unless you repent. It clearly states in black in white in the bible neither gays or lesbians will see the kingdom of god! I suggest you should read and understand the Bible before you mention GOD in your comments.
I dont agree that this person got hurt nobody deserves to get beaten like this, and really hope the FBI and EPPD catch the people responsible and put them in jail and keep them their.

The English Bible is a changed translation from the original Hebrew & Aramaic texts. Translators lie & put their own hatred in their translation. Verse also get mistranslated through ignorance. All the anti gay verses R forgeries or R misunderstood. For ur understanding of 1 Cor. 6:9 the Aramaic text says that "destroyers" & "those who rape a man" w/ not enter the kingdom of God. Not "effeminate" & "abusers of themselves with mankind" as the KJV reads. See www.homosexualeunuchsandthebible.com

Many people quote just the 1 Coriniths 6:9 part of the Bible. But if you keep reading further. It says buts , you have been washed you have been cleansed throogh the Holy Spirt of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to set the captives free! That's all of us. I don't have the words down exactly as it is written either in Englsih, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew or whatever. But, I got the main idea through Jesus Christ there is transforming power that heals all of us through forgiveness of sin. Pray.

so you feel that "YOUR GOD" would agree with all the hate you just blurted out? Can you please sight the scriptures where you found what you argue to be so. Because sometimes i really want to off on some ignorant people and i would like a scripture to justify my anger and hate.

You are extrememly ignorant. The bible says many things that, I am positive, you don't follow. Do you gauge your eyes out everytime you see your neighbors wife? Are you submissive to your husband in every sense of the word (if you're a female)? If you're going to quote the bible and supposedly live according to it, you can just pick and choose what's convenient to you. Hypocrite.

You are right it don't matter what your sexual prefrence is. Yes God loves us all and he gave his life for us. We are not here to condem anyone. Who are we to judge. What we do know is that through his stripes we are healed and his transgresions we are forgiven. May God have mercy on the El Paso community.

u dont have to justify urself to idiots. they can keep their warped minds and believe what they wanna believe. Hopefully God will have compassion for them and all the hate they express.

first of all no one is to judge no one and hurt no one else, but it is a sin being gay or lesbian and God does not approve of it u need to turn your life to Jesus Christ and repent before him!!!

Sorry , yes mrs or mr awesome i am a proud lesbian mother, an i believe god forgives everyone as long as u ask for ur forgiveness, he is who made us! so please keep ur rude comments to ur self an quit being so much against us gays thank u very much! we are who we are an very much proud

There is no one sin above another, and u buddy are a sinner of some sort, so dont preach what a sin is cuz u urself is just as guilty.

It happens every where, what about the teen that got killed by thugs in the NE He was at the movies at night! He was no gay nor on any gang. We must support our EPPD , hire more staff /officers.

What else do they need to be covinced it was a hate crime????? This is ridiculous that NOTHING IS BEING DONE!!! Is it easier for EPPD to state it's not hate to move fwd w/ more incidents that earn more funds such DWI by standing outside clubs? Where was EPPD when this happened???? It appears more and more they are Juarez Police simply by not doing anything further, what else do they need they have witnesses, critical condition Seriously EL Paso Police? How about start defending more!!!

TO my deanne martinez i love you baby girl, i hope they find these hateful people, they need to do their time, i was in th o.p at this time an have heard of these guys bothering an picking on everyone out there, i hope that the ones that have seeing what they look like come forward because what if it was ur family member we all have to think about this an protect others, he didnt deserve this at all, its tiffany x. u knw who i am babes stay strong u an family are in my prayers!!

do u know who they r?

yes i do know who they are?? the victims sister is a good friend

can u email me sum pics of these guys?

First I hope this young man is improving in the hospital
SHAME on the EPPD for not immediately recognizing this as a hate crime. Pretty amazing and quite unconscionable.

This so much reminds me of my friend Paul Broussard of Houston's murder in the early 1990s. Instead of idiot gang members though he was murdered by a group of jerks from the Woodlands/Suburbs.

Many are still in jail - hopefully this group of cowards in El Paso willbesoon

i have a feeling these thugs that attacked ths poor young man,are the same ones that attacked my son!..they call themselves Wood Boyz

Sevilla log off please your ignorance is overwhelming. Tiger0818 we do not "choose" to be gay. We are born this way. Who would want to "choose" to be persecuted, hated, beat up, killed simply for loving someone of the same sex. Being gay isnt just about having sex with a same-sex partner. We are human just like any straight person out there. We are absolutely capable of a loving, caring, nurturing relationship with someone who happens to be of the same sex.

Just about the same thing as in Juarez except with gay people come on EPPD do your job don't let this animals get away with it like the cartels from Juarez. Those are hate crimes. I guess when they kill people in Juarez it's not a crime HA? God help that young man get better quick my prayers are with him and his family.

Im super disappointed with the EPPD and will be in touch with internal affairs. EPSCP its time to make ESCANDALO!!!!!!

sounds like a hate crime to me.No one should have to go through that no matter straight, gay or transgender or what ever label society puts on people .we are human beings so we should all treat each other with respect. hard to believe a police station is right around the corner.

this happened to my younger sister.. 6 cholos jumped her n hit her with beer bottles. cops said not a hate crime. tried pressing charges and still after a yr NOTHING HAS HAPPEND. EPPD needs to get it together and defend el pasoans !!

I'm not gay but any crime of a violent nature such as this against another human being is just wrong. This mob mentality of attacking people because of a lifestyle or for any reason can not be tolerated. lets focus some of our attention on this instead of having our resources go after johns and prostitutes. Why don't we really get tough, send a undercover into a gang infested street corner and see the gang members try to rough him or her up. Have the patrol cars ready to rock and roll.

This happened to my son a week ago at the same location, fortunately he wasn't hurt as bad as Mr. Martinez. The police took over 30 minutes to arrive. They told him the same thing, not a hate crime. My son is gay.

Hello Emmy,

I'm getting a lot of feedback about similar incidents. Please contact me, I'd like to find out more about what happened to your son.


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