Farrey family's west El Paso home becomes crime scene

Farrey family's west El Paso home becomes crime scene

POSTED: Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 10:33pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 10:25am

What used to be a family home on Cerro Negro is now blocked off with red crime tape and police cars.

"It got me pretty upset because it's like, did something happen to the kid and they just left? Or, like trying to cover up something," said former neighbor Sylvia Chacon.

Neighbors watched as investigators combed the backyard for evidence Tuesday and photographed a car in the driveway, before towing it away. Unnerving, especially in light of the fact that 5-month-old Jackson Farrey is still missing.

"Like right now when we got here and we saw these cars and stuff, it's like whoa. It's a much bigger deal than we actually thought it would be," said Chacon.

As we've reported the Farrey family was reported missing last week Days later, Jenna, Jeffrey and Blake were found at a Michigan motel.

Fort Bliss officials confirm Jeffrey is considered AWOL. And a source close to the investigation tells us the soldier will be extradited to El Paso to face his charges. Jenna is being held for violating her probation. she pleaded guilty to child endangerment charges for leaving her baby home alone for hours, on multiple occasions.

Neighbors tell us they've never even seen the children.

“I mean when we were outside,we were always outside with our kids playing or even my husband was doing something. He would be there with him, with the kids, too," said Chacon.

It's deja vu for many in that west El Paso neighborhood. In 2011, a two year old, Joanna Castillo died just down the street. Her death was allegedly from neglect at the hands of her stepmother.

"I just hope that this baby is alive and it won't happen, how it happened with baby Joanna," said neighbor Alicia Medina.

The Farrey's older son, 19-month old Blake is in Michigan state custody. We have confirmed with Delta County officials in Michigan, that Jeffrey Farrey is no longer in their custody.

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