Far East El Pasoans angry at El Paso Electric

Far East El Pasoans angry at El Paso Electric

POSTED: Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 5:22pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 10:21am

E.P.E. says they're doing the best they can

El Paso, TX (KDBC) — A group of El Pasoans is protesting a proposed new El Paso Electric plant in far East El Easo.
Far East El Paso citizens united say the utility is already wasting and using entirely too much water.
The utility says that's why they need the new plant, to improve the water situation.

Far East El Pasoans are mad ever since they found out El Paso Electric is the fourth largest consumer of water in the city.

"Every time El Pasoans turn on their lights, they're contributing to the drought," said attorney Veronica Carbajal.

"Residents, farmers, government entities are asked to do their part and conserve water but El paso electric , they jump over that hoop somehow" said Rafael Carrasco of Far East El Paso Citizens United.

E.P.E said they are doing their part, but making electricity for the entire city takes water.

"We're very aware that water is a precious resource," said Andy Ramirez of El Paso Electric.

E.P.E. used 1.2 billion gallons of water last year to cool the towers at the 9 power stations.

"They [El Pasoans] should be outraged that they're being told to keep conserving water, which they keep doing at a tremendous rate, while El Paso Electric keeps wasting it," said Carbajal.

E.P.E said they're not wasting the water, they're using it as wisely as they can.

More than 90% of the water is recycled waste water.

The Far East El Paso Citizens United has contested the approval of the new electirc plant with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
That case hearing is expected on June 3rd in Austin.

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Far East El Pasoans are not the only ones that are angry at how El Paso Electric wastes our water. I just bread the following "The City of El Paso is doing its part to conserve water by changing how they water city parks. The city is reducing watering at select parks and will continue through June."

El Paso Electric needs to stop wasting our water. They need to use every available technology that keeps our city safe, healthy & with water. The crazies that are running EPE are idiots.

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