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Famous Sculpture Outside Art Museum Sold

Famous Sculpture Outside Art Museum Sold

POSTED: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 8:19am

UPDATED: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 3:02pm

EL PASO - A famous sculpture that was once mounted outside the El Paso Museum of Art is gone.

Work crews dismantled the 20-foot "Vaquero" sculpture Tuesday.  El Paso artist Luis Jimenez created the statue and it was on loan to the Art Museum. 

"Luis Jimenez is probably one of the most well known artists from El Paso besides Tom Lea or Manuel Acosta it's a loss for the city in a sense" said Christian Gerstheimer, a museum curator.

The statue was sold to a museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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I felt the need to add to my original comment.
"El Paso is a second rate city run by second rate people. This sculpture should never have left here."
While I'm at it, I want to address the Asarco smokestack. This is an historical landmark that should be left where it is at. The people who want to tear it down have a financial interest. They get nothing for leaving it. They only get paid if it comes down. That's why they are exaggerating the cost of keeping it.

El Paso is a second rate city run by second rate people. This sculpture should never have left here.

It is a loss we can afford as more artists are moving into the area.

Congratulations Mr. Jimenez. Finally something good and beautiful from El Paso will seen and admired.

It must be an El Paso Thing, the city cant hold on to anything the Luis Jimenez sculpture is gone for the benefit of another city.
I understand now why El Paso's young are so desperate to move away, I myself moved away and came back what a mistake. At least I got to see that life is so much better outside of El Paso.
Soon another El Paso historical icon landmark will come crashing down. The city says theres no money to pay for it's retrofit, only 8 million dollars of dynamite to bring it down.

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