Family of well-known Las Cruces stunt rider speaks about his death

Family of well-known Las Cruces stunt rider speaks about his death
Monday, March 18, 2013 - 9:10pm

A Las Cruces family continues to mourn the tragic loss of their loved one after crashing his motorcycle into a friend's truck early Thursday morning.

Wayne Andrew Jaramillo, 25, died at the hospital after crashing at a high rate of speed Thursday before 1am at the intersection of Solano Avenue and Kansas Avenue, according to police.

"Andrew really was gaining recognition around the country from other riders," said Jaramillo's father Stephen Jaramillo.

He said his son was an avid sport bike stunt rider and competed in major events out of state.

"Absolutely proud of him," said older brother Daniel Jaramillo. "No doubt in my mind with what he could, I was just so impressed."

Andrew Jaramillo was the middle brother of three. Both his brother said he was really good at what he did and always preached safety.

So much so he even bought his friend a helmet.

"When everything happened he must've heard about it and he just signed the helmet and brought it here to the memorial," said younger brother Brendon Jaramillo.

Friends and family have set up a memorial outside Jaramillo's carpet cleaning business at Kansas and Solano.

The helmet brought back by Jaramillo's friend now sits next to his helmet, the same one Jaramillo was wearing the night he crashed his motorcycle.

"For this thing to happened they way it did we are very saddened by it," said Stephen Jaramillo.

Police said early Thursday morning Jaramillo was on his motorcycle headed home when he allegedly sped up after seeing a marked police car.

They said Jaramillo crashed into his friend's truck at a high rate of speed after not stopping at a stop sign.

Police believe alcohol to be involved.

Jaramillo said his son had been playing pool at a local restaurant and feels the situation didn't warrant the multiple officers he said responded.

"We just wanted this to be handled in a more civil manner than the way it happened that night," Jaramillo said.

He said he feels the situation worsened due to negative stereotypes about stunt riders.

"These kids do this all around the country it's not just something that's happening here in Las Cruces," Jaramillo said.

The Jaramillo family hopes Andrew's death can raise awareness about the sport and help change the perception of stunt riders.

"Hopefully all his hundreds of friends that are involved in the sport can learn something by this and hopefully maybe something good can come of it," Jaramillo said.

Jaramillo added his son is in a better place and they are not blaming anybody for his death.

A police report detailing the incident has not yet been made available.

A funeral mass will be held Friday at 10am at Holy Cross.

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