Family Of Slain Teen Speaks Out; FBI Weighs In


POSTED: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 7:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 28, 2011 - 4:13am

A teenage boy is shot and killed, and we've now confirmed the shots were fired by an El Paso Border Patrol agent.

The teen has been identified as 14-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca.

They say he was part of the group which had just crossed into the U.S. illegally.  But after two men of the group were detained by border patrol agents, the others, which included the 14-year-old, ran back into Mexico and began attacking the agents. 

U.S. Border Patrol officials say the agents were patrolling the area on bikes when the group assaulted them with rocks. 

The FBI says the agent ordered them to stop, but when they didn't, he fired his weapon several times, shooting and killing the teen.

Video showed the teen's body lying on the Mexican side of the border.
However the FBI, which is the lead agency investigating the case, said they haven't confirmed exactly where the boy was when he was shot.

It's also unclear whether the alleged attackers had other weapons.


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He had a rock and used it as a weapon. Yes he did have a choice. No one dragged him over here. And you can go bite yourself.

Don't be so quick to cry for that "poor, little teenager".

In another post on this from the el paso times, there is a photo showing his feet.You can plainly see a sledge hammer with a nylon rope tied to it.

If that can't be considered a deadly weapon, I don't know what can.

Unless some of you bleeding heart liberals can think of how that device would help someone in their ILLEGAL river crossing.

As for the "war is waged" on US soil, I'm more than ready.

Curious?? how was this boy a threat, even if he had a sledgehammer? He was shot across the border? He was not even in close proximity to the patrol and the officer was still on his bike.I believe that we need to protect our borders there's no argument to that from me yet I think we need to be sure of our decision to shoot someone. Mexico is our border and I think it would be in our advantage to having close ties with our border countries. For both security and economical reasons.

You have neighbors I assume? You have close ties with them? Do you let them break into your home,steal your food, live in your house for free and demand you take care of them and some times throw rocks at you and your family? Probably not. Maybe you should wakeup.

Actually my neighbors are great on both sides. We know each other well but don't hang out. However, I "do" know that they watch my back and house as they have already called the police for us while we were away. Having a good relationship and knowing my neighbors creates whats called a community, a safer place for me and my family. We are there for each other if there is an emergency.
Going over to shake their hands, was better than building a huge fence and shutting myself out from the world.

So you don't have to put up with them breaking into your house, demanding you take care of them and refuse to leave when you want them to leave? You are certainly living in a different world. Bet they are not illegal.

To whose advantage??? Mexico can't help itself economically or secure itself for its own citizens. With neighbors like that....

Did you know why is Mexico like that? Because our country have the biggest number of drug addicts in the whole world, so i say the same to you... With neighbors like us...

No dave26, Mexico has always been like that. From our very foundation, the Aztecs, Mayas, etc. have always treated each other with contempt, rape, murder and pilage. Even after all their math and engineeing accomplishments, they threw it all to hell because they could not get along. Read what Benito Juarez warns against in his writings. Ask yourself, who rules Mexico now? Pays to know a little history of our people.

And what ancient civilization hasn't gone through all those things,I could go down the list of countries/cultures having internal strife in their histories. I think we even had our own, first it was the revolution next it was called the "civil war" where raping and pillaging took place in both. My ancestors(Lakota) to this day are victims of people who came to continent to conquer rather than "get along".
sorry but whats your point hermano?

So the Border Patrol agent needed to wait until he got hit with a rock before he defended his life. Are these so called witnesses for real? I've got news for these witnesses, a rock is a weapon when someone is trying to kill you with it. Why is it always the law officer that is to blame when a law breaker gets hurt? I'm sure the Border Patrol will do an extensive and proper investigation. Considering what happened to the last two Border Patrol agents in a similar situation, maybe not

What makes you think that this teenager was coming over to cause trouble? Not all Mexicans are criminals! There are people out there who still come to this country to support their families. Who work for less than minimum wage without benefits and risk everything just to put food on the table. So how bout you people stop being so racist! Remember, not all Border Patrol Agents are "Good Guys". You know there are Border Patrol Agents who are racist.


Everybody who comes accross the border illegaly is a criminal, no matter what their intentions or reasons are. If you don't have the proper identification and you sneak into this country, you are breaking the law of this country, which makes you a criminal.

If you rob a bank, it doesn't matter why you did it, the fact is, it is a crime.

Why does it matter if he was coming over to cause trouble or not? The last time I checked, crossing the border illegally was still a CRIME!!!!! Isn't that enough? I am so tired of this fighting. There should not be a gray area when dealing with "right and wrong" or legal and illegal." The law is the law and it stands for EVERYONE! This IS NOT RACISM!

Well lets see. This teenager did not cross legally. Does that count as causing trouble or maybe breaking the law a little bit? Ofcouse not all Mexicans are criminal. Most Mexicans are hard working, religious people caught in a world they can't fix. When they come here legally they will be welcomed with open arms. At least I do. And I will pay them the market wage which is more than the stupid minimum wage. But I will not hire any illegals for they take the jobs of those that are here legally.

This border patrol agent was just doing his job protecting us. Its people like this teen that this immigration law has passed and I'm sure it will pass in several other states. We dont kow if this young teenager was coming to the us to sell drugs, or rob someone in their home to gain access to money for drugs or a gun. These people need to stay on the other side of the border they dont belong here.

Before you start making judgement, please have some intelligence about the matter. In the photos shown you can clearly see that there is mud between the Mexican side and the American side. Now look at the 14 year old teen's tennis. Do you see any mud? Now focus on the alleged weapon and the rope tighted to it. There is no way in hell this skinny teenager can have the strenthten to throw it over the American Border Patrol fence. I guess the kid flew over to the American side and back!

Nobody was shooting at you, dodo. Get back on the Mayflower and go back where YOU CAME FROM.

if what you are saying is try then we should all get back on the mayflower and find out what we really are omg cant we all just agree that AMERICANS are nothing but a whole lot of differnt things just like a little mixed MUTT dog most americans anymore have no idea what they are im part german part indian part irish see what i mean we are all just a bunch of differnt things at lkeast the mexicans and GAT. and CHINSE. JAPS and others know what they truly are,

White people didn't belong here either, but they came here anyway. You don't know that teen's history, but you're ready to automatically assume the worst. Typical pampered, selfish American

i agree with you one hundred percent. we dont belong here this land actually belongs to the indians we just took it isnt that the way of amerians screw everyone else and do what u have to to get what u want. i am an american and at this moment in time i wish i wasnt becuase its so sad how people are treating others because of race. when no american truly knows what they are made uop of. thats why ive decied american s just another word for mised mutt.

White people 'belong here' as much as any other group of individuals, racist.

I don't know where you live BiteMe, but where I live I see illegals around me all the time. I bust my ass to have the things that I have, I bust my ass to live where I live, I pay taxes to help pay for the repair of the streets in my neighborhood. You know "Typical pampered, selfish America" type of stuff.
Then I look around and see illegals that don't pay taxes using the streets, parks etc that we pay for, without contributing. So getting upset about this along with the rising crime is wrong?

"Typical pampered, selfish America"???
I believe I may be a "Typical pampered, selfish America", as in I was born in America to a family whose ancestors came to America from Ireland, LEGALLY! Yes LEGALLY!They came to the US legally and busted their asses to make a place for themselves. They became citizens, paid taxes and never asked for hand outs or tried to leach off of the system.
I was born to family that had nothing and I busted my ass to get an education so that I could have something.

And that isn't racist in the slightest, because your talking about white people, right?


typical, pamperered, selfish American? Really???? how catty and unremarkable your boorish sentiments are.

The United States of America has it's history, as does every other nation on Earth. Is your issue, perhaps, that even with our problems, Americans can still unite towards a common future, one full of promise and progress, while you wallow in your shallow charade of quasi-patriotism for whatever second-rate country YOU hail from?

Maybe these criminals will think twice before shooting at us then going and hiding behind Mexican soil. This violence needs to stop! I support you 100% Border Patrol! Take our country back!

Our country dude? Are you a Red Skin? This isnt our country, we invade this territory, we stole this land from Mexico, and from all the indians who live here.

That battle has already been fought time and time again.

As did the Spaniards when they settled Mexico, if you haven't heard, the entire "New World" was settled by conquest. Indigenous Mexican tribes hold no claim to these lands, in fact, they have no interest in non-ancestral lands, they have enough trouble trying to keep their lands in central and southern Mexico. The only "Mexicans" who claim that they belong in the US territory by 'right' are semi-literate mestizos who have been drinking the kool-aide, dispensed by their own government.

I hate to correct ignorance, but with you I will make an exception! Rocks were involved, not bullets. The only bullets shot were from the American side. Now look at the pictures to determine the distance from where the rocks had to be thrown from. The Mexican side!! This teenager had to have been a superb rock thrower to justify the shooting across international lines. Can't say the teen was any closer. See his tennis, no mud on them. The only one with criminal tendencies seems to be YOU!!

i am an american i think you and i are on the same page

Our country back from whom? The Mexicans? They've been on this continent a hell of a lot longer than we have.

You are incorrect, "Mexico" as a nation was founded AFTER the United States, before that, they were Spanish, and then French territories, and before that, many different nations, they were NEVER under one banner, and to assume some sort of 'divine right' is quite laughable.

Sorry folks, actually we were before any of you all.. Lakota,Cheyenne,Crow,Mohawk,Kiowa,Navajo,Zuni,Arapaho,Blackfoot,Chinook,Salish ect...

Take our country back from illegals. You automatically assume all illegals are Mexican. Could that be racist on your part?

While Hispanic is the most viewed, there have been illegals caught, from Pakistan, Egypt, and other countries tied in with Al-Qeada, Hezaz. They go to South America and work their way North to enter the US illegally. As far as illegal, it isn't the color of skin, if you enter illegally then you have broken the law.

Who cares if the agent shot into Mexico, if he was protecting himself. Death knows no borders. Or is KTSM anchor so anti-Border Patrol or so anti-American or so pro-Mexico, he cannot wait to make accusations?

Not wanting to shoot teenagers doesn't make you anti-American, it makes you a decent human being, which you clearly are not.

Let me throw a rock at you while you have a gun in your hand. Will you shoot me? Ofcourse you will and you wouldn't be less of a decent human being. Would you?

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