Family Of Slain Teen Speaks Out; FBI Weighs In


POSTED: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - 7:47pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 28, 2011 - 4:13am

A teenage boy is shot and killed, and we've now confirmed the shots were fired by an El Paso Border Patrol agent.

The teen has been identified as 14-year-old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca.

They say he was part of the group which had just crossed into the U.S. illegally.  But after two men of the group were detained by border patrol agents, the others, which included the 14-year-old, ran back into Mexico and began attacking the agents. 

U.S. Border Patrol officials say the agents were patrolling the area on bikes when the group assaulted them with rocks. 

The FBI says the agent ordered them to stop, but when they didn't, he fired his weapon several times, shooting and killing the teen.

Video showed the teen's body lying on the Mexican side of the border.
However the FBI, which is the lead agency investigating the case, said they haven't confirmed exactly where the boy was when he was shot.

It's also unclear whether the alleged attackers had other weapons.


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when does a man have the right to shoot a boy, even if he throw,s a rock at u. do u shoot too kill?

Sounds like Gaza or the West Bank..

The Media wants to spin this incident around and point the finger at Border Patrol. The body lying down on the Mexican side of the river? Of course, that's where you would fall down after throwing rocks,at Agents and then get hit with a bullet. His body location means nothing. He came across, assaulted the Agents with rocks and got shot. Fell down on the Mexican side. These innocent smugglers? coming north and assaulting Border Patrol with rocks is unacceptable. Rocks kill! This Agent is a hero.

What is wrong with you people. Who cares if they were illegal or not. Who cares if he was throwing rocks or not. It was a child. A CHILD....Do none of you idiots remeber back when you were a teenager and remeber the stupid things you did...........what if someone shot you just because of it???? That agent, if he needed to shoot, should of shot something other body part, not a shot that killed. That was wrong and it is going to cause so much anger and more hatred that we do not need.

We all know that juveniles DO NOT commit any acts of violence..... OOPS disregard incidences like Colombine and other schools......Ok we have to disregard and youth gang members that Rob, Kill, Rape people..... Ok we will forget any juvenile that attack citizens, law enforcement, EMS personnel.... You're right they are all just misunderstood.

You watch too many movies!!! Do u honestly think while he was being pelted by rocks the agent could ask, hey u how old are u so that I know if I can defend myself or not!!! You act as if the agent was a sniper and shot him in the head on purpose! All gun shots are lethal genious!!! While were at it why don't we just ask him to shoot the rocks out of the air!!! This is the real world not Hollywood!! And when i was a teenager my parents thought me respect maybe this kids parents should of too!

Well, Princesa you may have thrown rocks to police officers and you got away with it while you were a child. Being stupid does not excuse anyone, including children, from trying to hurt anyone. Do you really think a person has time to think as to where to shoot someone in a moment of dire straits? The hatred is coming from the other side. You just won't see it for what it is.

1 less illegal trying to get in!!!!!

Great comment! 1 down and how many more on a daily basis!!!! Maybe if they shoot more, those from the OTHER SIDE would just think twice before they try and do stupid things, or cross when they shouldn't!

Back at ya, its obvious you come from teachings of hate and violence.. amazing how easy it is to see the dark souls in these forums when it comes to nationalism and race issues, you all just let your fear and anger run amok lol.

because nits make lice.. that's what Colonel John Chivington said after one his soldiers questioned his order to shoot "everyone" even the Cheyenne children, at Sand creek,Co Nov29th 1864 sad..the above, sounds kinda similar.

What are these so called innocent teens doing in the river throwing rocks at agents? Shouldn't they be at home helping, at the park or something to that effect? But more so where are the parents? not until something happens then they come out of the woodwork pretending to care where their kid is at. None of these so called INNOCENT teens belong in the river period. You throw rocks, to me that's looking for trouble, that kid and the others joining in found it.

Do you have a clue as to life these kids have over there texaskid?(ever been there?) I have traveled not only to Mexico but other very poor countries and the children there do the same desperate acts that adults do. Most kids in Mexico are lucky if they even have one working parent that can provide for them. So they go out and work and if they cant do that there is no one to nurture or teach them how to live, as a result they wander,don't go to school, do drugs or try to cross the border.

hence, you look for trouble, you find it. You think that what you say gives them an excuse to throw rocks. Bottom line that kid meant to hit an agent. Go get hit by a rock see if it hurts, then maybe you will get the picture. The fact that they are poor, does not give them the excuse to do drugs, smuggle, wander, not go to school, cross the border, etc. Really WAKE UP.

Wakeup, that is what you really need to do....THE UNITED STATES CAN'T EVEN TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN, HOW CAN WE WORRY ABOUT MEXICO? If you are so worried about these children, then go over there and take care of them, and give up your rights here in AMERICA!

Wakeup do you think that officer had the time to ponder over this kids horrible past, according to you. It makes no difference what this kids past was, only his actions at that moment. A lot of people have crappy pasts, even the richest in this country. Hell in this country kids are lucky to have one working parent right now. Don't give us your bleeding heart crap it doesn't work.

Its such a very comforting and good thing to know that all of the dark hearts and spirits out there are outnumbered. Wopila Tunkasila

Everybody plz stop pointing fingers. Also remember we live in the US so we have to protect our people. If you don't think its important to protect our border go live in mexico. Its a crime to enter the US illegally!!!! Were do you people think the bad people that have a hit on there head are comin. I hope this was a justifiable killing .

It's a shame when there is loss of life but what about when it's an American citizen who is killed or detained as an illegal? Where is the compassion then?! Many say that illegal immigrants are simply looking for a better way of life. Perhaps their efforts would be better spent and yield greater rewards if they simply focused on "cleaning their own house(i.e. the corruption, etc.)" instead of inviting themselves into "ours'.

What is this world coming to? Why so much racism? It is so sad, so shameful, so unconstitutional, this country embraces all.
The europeans came to this country(pilgrims) and slaughtered the indians(the real americans) so please tell me who is the foreigner? Why do white people continually claim this land, claim that they are not immigrants, claim that they are the supreme group? Why? Everyone deserves respect and dignity. No one deserves death. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!! STOP THE HATE!!!!!!!!!!!STOP

Nothing to do with racism. Do you know the race of the agent? It probably doesn't matter to you anyway.

Dont worry, there are more compassionate and loving human beings in the world still. We just have to be brighter and more courageous than they are..don't give up. My people(the Lakota) almost died out because of this hate, but I still hold love and tolerance for all human beings. so should you.
people are afraid of change and things they don't understand, so they hide under the banner of fear and hate. Some have just been taught the opposite of you & I
about compassion and unity. Aho

Well I bet the border patrol guy will get at least twenty years in a federal prison. No one has the right to murder someone in the name of the US Border Patrol....minutes of excitement will bring this man many years of living in a 5x10 cell.

Are you serious? It's an attitude like this that breeds ignorance. If it was self-defense nothing will happen to him. Put yourself in his shoes, trying to make an arrest then getting rocks thrown at you. YES rocks are a deadly weapon. YES an officer will use the force necessary to prevent harm to himself and others which can mean deadly force. Learn the facts!!

Not going to happen. Promotion possible!

Shame, shame. Now are we going to end up like Mexico as well? Violence isn't the solution. These border patrol agents fear minors more than the drug cartels enough to shoot them.

We need more Border Patrol agents that are willing to defend our country against these illegal intruders. The Border Patrol needs to order its agents to shoot all intruders instead of wasting time and resources on detention. Only strict harsh action will deter these people from continuing their illegal actions.
This Border Patrol agent should be hailed as a hero for not hesitating to defend our border when needed.

Imagine your 14 year old, out playing with their friends, they decide to get into a little mischief, they get out of hand and decide they are big enough to assult a police officer....they start throwing ROCKS at a police believe your child of 14 years deserves to be shot for that???


I would teach my child better.

You have to also assume my "mischievous" 14 year-old took the time to create a very dangerous weapon by attaching a rope to the handle of a sledge hammer (which could them be whirled around and around to make a bludgeon) and took that weapon with them when they went down to the Rio Grande for some "innocent fun" attacking federal law enforcement officers.

By the way, the photo that shows the weapon also shows an extra pair of shoes.

My ancestors came to this continent around 1660.

This is more than just a case of some 14 year olds getting "into a little mischief." Since when is it ok for kids to be out at night unsupervised crossing borders illegeally and assaulting officers of the law??? This is wrong on so many levels and it's too bad that so many parents today share your ridicilous view point that this behavior is acceptable! Get some control of the out of control youth today. They have lost the healthy fear of authority! It make me sick. Wake up parents!!!

Understand this a rock can kill you!!! It a teen or adult throw a rock at any law enforcement officer and gets shot, they have brought it on themselves.
While I'm soory for the this teen's family loss, it just goes to show you that these teens need to exercise better judgement. If they had this teen would still be alive.

a rock can kill you, ok, i understand but how is it supposed to kill you when there is a large distance between the person who is throwing it at you?!! Now a gun shot that is a for sure to kill in any distance. The only weapon here was that border patrols mind!

I guess you went to measure the distance. You should know right?

How about you think about it. If your kid threw a rock at me I would shoot him. I want to go home to my family too. Yes I feel for the kid. His parents did not teach him not to throw rocks at people, especially law officers. Ignorance has no borders does it?

Okay I do agree that Border Patrol agents are here to protect our borders but I also know that not EVERYONE that tries to cross our borders illegally is doing it with the best intention. Most of them are wanting a better life but others cross over with nothing in hand and have to sell drugs or break into a house to make money. I think in any case border patrol agent or not, if you feel that your life is in danger, you are going to do whatever it takes to protect your own life first.

Yeah, everything but TAKE YOUR OWN COUNTRY BACK from the corrupt government!

Anybody who thinks this was a justified shooting should move to Arizona with all the other lost and hateful people that live there.
Mexican people like all humans they want happiness and a safe future for their different than any other human being. I am a true American, Lakota not Mexican but bleed the same blood.

We must end the madness of killing each other and our planet or we will pay, and very soon.

I bet the Border Patrol agent has the same color of blood as you do. You think he won't bleed if he gets hit by a rock? You say stop the madness. Good. Lets start by you not deameaning the people of Arizona for trying to protect their state and for that matter, the country.

wake up, something you should do

Thats funny..We Lakota and other native Americans nations woke up long ago when a group of people not "even from this continent" tried hard for a long time, to destroy our culture and way of life. I got news for you..We survived, are still here and very awake.
I think some other folks were sleeping in history class when it was taught that this nation was and is, made up of a mix of rainbow human beings, and will continue to be so. Wopila Tuncasila and Wakantanka

Oh, and we are already at war. We have been for the last 10 years. Where have you been.

Obviously that teens history was crap since he was trying to come to the US. And for your information, there are whites working for minimum wage too with no benifits. And you are jumping to assumptions as well with your "pampered, selfish american" speech; so stop being so judgemental and deal with it. He wouldnt have gotten shot if he wasnt over here in the first place, plain and simple. Thats what Border patrol agents do, they protect the Border.......he did his job.

Hey man get a life.What is diference if you get hurt by a rock or a gun. The rock will just hurt you and will heal but it wont take your life away. One bullet is enough to kill you. This country was build my inmigrants and if they dont want any of them; people who life of the goverment with checks and food stamps should start getting their hands dirty and work:bunch of lazy people. They all come to this country looking for the so called american dream; looking for something better. Shame on you!

Based on what information do you know this teen was on the American side? Assumptions or ignorance? Plain and simple the teen has no mud on his tennis and facts come from the media pictures showing there is mud and water between the Mexican side and the American side. Either this teen grew wings and flew back and forth to justify shooting between international lines or BRUTAL MURDER was committed. Plain and simple!!

Brutal murder??? If you're getting rocks thrown at you from either side of the border and you CAN NOT A) Fall back to a safe distance or B) Been hit with rocks and been injured, an officer will take the force necessary to defend him/herself. ROCKS CAN KILL YOU!!! No mud??? The area where the boy lost his life is ALL cement. There's no mud there. No it's not plain an simple. Rocking incidents happen more than you think.

Could he have been carried across by his buddies in crime? Not so plain and simple.

why are people saying we don't know what the kids intentions were???? it states it started as an ASSAULT on an agent....does that seem harmless?? and who cares if he was a teen...that doesnt mean he can assault people

You people are disgusting. You don't care who gets killed as long as they're not American. THE BOY HAD NO GUN!!!! What if it was YOUR teenager? You think a kid would cross the border if he had any other choice? When war is finally waged on our country, we will have deserved it.

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