Family Not Discouraged By Italy Cruise Ship Accident


POSTED: Monday, January 16, 2012 - 11:23pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 2:02pm

EL PASO- An El Paso family that was on a cruise at the same time as the cruise liner accident off the coast of Italy talked to Newschannel 9 Monday.

The Quintana family spent six days on their cruise, traveling from Puerto Rico to the southern Caribbean Sea.

They heard about the Tuscany accident on Friday from people in their ship's café and later they saw pictures on the news.

“It wasn't until later that afternoon when we saw on the news of this cruise ship on it's side. That was a real surprise to us,” said father Henry Quintana.

Still, The Quintana family said they're not discouraged from going on another cruise in the future.

“You can't stop what you love doing just because of one incident,” Quintana said. “If that was the case, then I wouldn't drive anymore, but it's very safe... This was a rare incident that occurred."

The family said before their cruise left the port, the crew showed them where to find life boats and flotation vests and how to use them. They also learned what to do in emergency situations.

“When you go on these trips, they're really careful and safe,” Quintana said. “They go through a drill before you leave.”

The Quintana family said this was their fifth cruise and they actually prefer cruises over other kinds of travel.

“I think cruising is terrific,” Quintana said. “We would rather take a cruise than go on another vacation because it's a lot more fun.”

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I am so glad that incidents like this will not stop people from still taking cruises or least not this family. I really like Mr. Quintana's comment, "you can't stop doing what you love doing because of one incident." And he is right. Driving is essential in many cases, and with so many accidents you still can't stop. Not that you love it, but it is essential. Thank you for that report. We need to see the other side of incidents like this.

So a family on a cruise in the Atlantic/Carribean is interviewed as to their thoughts on the disaster in Italy ?

Are you kidding? How dumb is that? No wonder your station hovers around last place in the ratings

I agree with you John, what relevance does this family on a cruise in the Atlantic have anything to do with the people who were actually on the cruise in Italy? This was a dumb story KTSM, can your reporters please focus on some real issues in the community!! And spell check would be I usually always comment about!!

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