Family Has Misunderstanding With Care Facility


POSTED: Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 5:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 10:26pm

EL PASO - An El Paso family made a hard decision that so many families face - they decided to place a relative in a nursing home. But one day, the facility told them their relative didn't need their care anymore and sent him back home.

"He's done, let's get rid of him, I mean that's not the way you do things," said Adriana Villa. She says her family made an agreement with a local nursing facility to take care of her father for three months, while her mother, his primary caregiver, recovers from knee replacement surgery. Because Adriana could not provide documentation of that agreement we have decided not to name the facility. Her mother, Ofelia Villa, said everything was going as planned until Tuesday.

"My husband was the one who talked to me and he says, 'They told me they're going to take me home because I'm ready,' and I said 'What?'"

Despite the three-month agreement she thought they had, they asked the facility if they could wait one day.

"They never called her back they just showed up with my father," Adriana said. She says a transport company showed up at their front door with her father. But Adriana, who is a single mother of 2 and fulltime teacher, can't care for him and Ofelia is still not well. So the transport company brought him back to the facility.

"I'm very very upset with this people because I don't know how can they do this," Ofelia said.

Adriana says now they are trying to find out how such a misunderstanding could occur. She says it's possible her father signed himself out, but because of prior injuries and surgeries, he should not have been allowed to do so.

We called the facility, but they told us they can't comment on any patients in their care because of privacy laws.

Still, Ofelia and Adriana wish they had been more up front with them because they still don't know why they tried to release their loved one so early.

"I wish we could take him out and put him somewhere else but we're basically stuck there," Adriana said.

The facility tells us they are cooperating with Adult Protective Services and the Ombudsman. We will keep digging and let you know what we find out.


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thats sad when kid have to put their parents in a nursing home...

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