Family Has Faced Cancer 20 Times


POSTED: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 9:39pm

One family in El Paso has seen over twenty of its members diagnosed with cancer. We sat down with them today to see how they turned a tragic chain of events into something positive.

When Lupe Sanchez was diagnosed with breast cancer fourteen years ago, she didn't think she'd survive. But now she's now in remission.

"We find out we can beat it - and we just do," she said.

Her battle with cancer is far from over. That's because she's watched over twenty family members get diagnosed, one by one.

"My daughter, 2 cousins on each side, an uncle, another uncle, my dad died of stomach cancer at the age of 28, and then my husband."

Lupe's daughter, Rosemary, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She's been in remission for over twenty years.

"We're more like sisters than we are mother and daughter," Rosemary said. "It's made all of us stronger."

Lupe's husband, Phil, was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He's been in remission for two years.

"My daughter, my wife, and myself have been very lucky in that our cancers have gone into remission," Phil said.

"It's devastating to get a diagnosis," said oncologist Dr. Ragene Rivera, who works at the Texas Oncology El Paso Cancer Treatment Center.

She says there's no way to know if the Sanchez's have a gene that makes them more susceptible to the disease, but does know that with early detection and today's technology, patients stand a better stand up to cancer.

"Most breast cancer is very treatable and very curable," said Dr. Rivera

The Sanchez's say early detection is what saved their lives. They hope to be an inspiration to those who share the same thoughts Lupe did when she was diagnosed.

"It's devastating, but it can be beat," she said.

This month the Sanchez's will be speaking at several events as part of breast cancer awareness month to remind people to get their regular checkups.

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Asarco burned a whole lot of god only knows what

As the last comment made look into what that person posted about enviromental phelps dodge now freeport has been in the news about toxic dust cancer cousing dust. USA today reported sevral schools around the area being highly contaminated and our so called OSHA TECQ and EPA do nothing about it.If you are from around the area look into it this might be the link to why all your family members are being sick

God Bless the Sanchez Family who bring everyone new hope and educate us on early detection. Their faith and unity will keep them going for a long time. Everyone can try to BEAT Cancer with early detection.

Certainly a genetic link is possible, but I'm surprised the article didn't mention environmental factors. It's no secret that our region has various "cancer clusters" (as well as high-incidence pockets of other illnesses) that have been linked to industrial contamination.

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