Family of 9-year-old girl speaks about her recovery from hit and run


POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 9:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 11:33am

An angry family speaks out, as their 9-year-old recovers after being run over by a hit and run driver.

"I think a very heartless person could hit a child, get out of the car, pick the child up and move them out of the way so they don't hit her again. There was a tire mark across her thighs. So I'm pretty sure he ran her over," said Shanique Mullen, Mariah Lewis' sister.

Mullen said she came close to losing her sister Mariah Lewis.

“His grill fell off of his car. His light came off from how hard he hit her," said Mullen.

Shanique said her sister rides her bike in the Northeast El Paso neighborhood, where the accident happened, often. Yesterday, she got a flat tire and had to walk her bike across Debeers Drive when she was struck by a red Dodge truck.

As soon as she got word, Shanique went to the accident and found her sister sitting upright in shock. Mariah told her family it was two teen boys in the Dodge. She said the passenger took her out from under the truck and put her on the sidewalk before driving away.

The neighbors called 911.

“She had scrapes and bruises in places. Her little fingers are all scraped up.Why would you look a child in her eye and know this kid is hurt and just leave her there and drive off," said Mullen.

Lewis also has liver damage and a broken leg.El Paso police said they are still on the hunt for the two people that drove off, but have found the truck.

"Thank God. We thank God. As little and fragile as she is and as fast as that car was going, she shouldn't be here and shes fighting," said Mullen.

Doctors expect Mariah to fully recover but it will take time.

"Today was the first time she got out of bed. I mean they said she did pretty good for a kid that just got hit by a car," said Mullen.

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