Family of 16-year-old cancer patient asks for help

Family of 16-year-old cancer patient asks for help

POSTED: Sunday, September 22, 2013 - 2:54pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 9:00am

A cancer diagnosis can turn into a harsh situation for many families. Doctors diagnosed 16-year-old Sabrina Dominguez with brain cancer, but she said it will not stop her from achieving her goals.

Every year, more than 13,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in the United States and the costs for treatment are very expensive. That's why a west El Paso family is asking for help.

Sabrina said when she was diagnosed with brain cancer last month, her life literally turned around.

“It was really fast from one day to the next. I had headaches and then the answer was that I had a brain tumor. It's still something that I'm processing in my mind because I still don’t, and I haven't processed the severity of it all," Dominguez said.

Before the diagnosis, Sabrina was an active medical student and basketball player. She said her health has not discouraged her dreams and goals.

"Right now, I want to become a general surgeon or a plastic surgeon and I guess that is my main goal in life," Dominguez added.

"I've never seen her having a weak moment period, especially now she was been really strong. I think it's kind of amazing how she keeps going," Sabrina’s best friend Ana Fuentes said.

Aside from dealing with this situation, the diagnosis came at very hard time for her family. According to the Brain Tumor Foundation, medical treatment costs for brain cancer can reach up to $700,000. Sabrina’s uncle said it's just too much money.

"It's extremely expensive you know. Just going to Houston, coming back, going, coming back. Making those trips can be financially exhausting," Armando Navarro said.

Operation Hope in El Paso reached the family to offer support. Patsy Gomez said the community needs to step up and help.

"I know that El Paso is a loving community that we come together during times of need and this is one of those times. Operation Hope is just a venue to bring the community together," Gomez said.

"Even though I'm a teenager, I'm still grateful for everything they have to give, even if it's something very small. Like all these people that are helping me it's like, 'Thank you. I didn't know you loved me,'" Dominguez concluded.

If you want to support this family you can donate to GECU’s account number 588407.

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When my sister got a brain tumor in April 2013, we also wanted to take her to Houston (MD Anderson). It was by the grace of God that a Neuro surgeon here in El Paso, Dr. Fadi Hanbali trained at MD Anderson. He also was the surgeon of our friend. Look into it. I pray you are doing better.

Thank goodness for obamacare, she'll be able to get coverage without pre exixiting condiditons effective January 1

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