Experts Weigh In On Recent Child Abuse Cases


POSTED: Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 3:18pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 6:12am

In the past week we've seen three men charged with either killing their girlfriend's child or severely injuring them

The Child Advocacy Center of El Paso says it isn't uncommon for a boyfriend to harm their girlfriend's children, but often times the mother is afraid to report it.

The Advocacy Center says sometimes a woman is scared that if she reports any signs of child abuse, the man will break-up with her, and often times leave her without financial support.

Experts say that it's important to look for warning signs from your child, such as bruises or irregular behavior.
The Adovcacy Center says that every year Child Protective Services investigates over five thousand child abuse claims in El Paso County.

"They need not think, well gosh you know if he is in jail and if he leaves me, I'm no longer going to have anything. Everything will be over. I'm just not going to be able to have a roof over my children's heads any longer. There is assistance out there. They need to step forward. They need  to make that report,” said Adovcacy Center Executive Director Susan Oliva.

According to Oliva, last year over 200 children were killed by their caretakers in the state of Texas. Two of those deaths were in El Paso County.
The Advocacy Center stressed there are support programs for both victims and abusers.

They say that even simple anger management classes can teach adults basic stress relieving techniques that could prevent another child from being harmed.


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I cant believe that woman would allow this to happen to there own children. I am not a father yet but I do have a nephew and if I found out that someone was abusing him then I would be on the EPPD mug shots if you know what I mean. All im saying ladys is report the abuse you dont have to put up with a man like that, is your child or yourself worth the constant fear. I read the news everyday and im tired of seeing young children suffering and dying because of abuse. Im just saying all the single mothers out there that are going threw this i beg you just stop and think before it gets out of hand and I have to read about your baby or even yourself on the news. Sincerely Mr. Nice Guy RS

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