Expert: EPISD Shouldn’t Store Students’ Social Security Numbers

Expert: EPISD Shouldn’t Store Students’ Social Security Numbers

POSTED: Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 9:44am

UPDATED: Saturday, September 3, 2011 - 9:29am

EL PASO-  Identify theft expert Aaron Titus from Identity Finder alerted the EPISD on Wednesday afternoon that their data base had been hacked. Titus claims the school was not aware of the breach until after he notified them.

An online hack group named Host Bustorz says they hacked into the school district's database and has the names, ethnicities, student ID numbers and social security numbers of nearly 7,000 students.

Titus says school districts in general are moving away from storing students’ social security numbers on internet databases because of the potential damage it could cause if the site were to be hacked.

“Parents should encourage the school district to reevaluate their policy to store social security numbers in the first place. If they don’t store those numbers, then they can’t be stolen,” said Titus.

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Another example of El Paso showing that it is incapable of self rule. The board and administration should resign now and bring in the state to run it...they could hardly do worse.

Any entity is bound by law to protect your info from internal/external threats.The fact remains your kids are victims of identity theft.Imagine if this was a major business like a bank you wouldn't hesitate to sue them.

They should do the right thing and pay for all those affected with a undeclosed time frame of free cedit/identity theft services to make sure no-student is impacted by this.

Secondly a mandatory review of security policies and equipment is in place.

Okay, this is serious...But it was air, i was under the impression the schools would send out a letter about this. Well, I have two kids that are enrolled in the EPISD are. And i tslk to the school and they looked at me like they didn't even know what was ging on. and that no notices would be given. This is not good. We trust the school to take care of our children. But now our childrens information was not taken care of more closely. I really want to know what the school plans to do...

It is not up to the individual schools to do something it is the district. If you want more information on what is being done contact the district.

I was contacted via email and phone about this situation from school not the district...why wouldn't the school have information about this situation? They belong to the district and memos should have been sent out to all schools In the EPISD about the breach to insure all parents could be informed of this serious situation and so they,the parents, could at least be directed on what steps they should take to protect thier childrens identities.

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