Expect bigger mosquitoes in Texas this summer

Expect bigger mosquitoes in Texas this summer
Monday, June 9, 2014 - 9:40pm

The ongoing drought in Texas has meant fewer mosquitoes but the ones that are buzzing around now are more aggressive than in past seasons.

According to researchers with the University of North Texas' Health Science Center, this season's mosquitoes are bigger and badder and it's because of the drought.

In order to endure the dry conditions, they've evolved by living longer, flying farther and biting more aggressively.

"The number may be down or lower than other years. However the mosquitoes are actually more active more stronger," explained Dr. Joon Lee, a medical entomologist.

Scientists also predict that with warmer temperatures this season compared to those in the past. the chances of more West Nile Virus cases could be higher.

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