Escobedo Family Fighting to Stay in their Home

Escobedo Family Fighting to Stay in their Home

POSTED: Friday, June 8, 2012 - 8:49pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 11, 2012 - 10:04am

An update on a story we told a few months ago about a family who says Wells Fargo wrongfully wants to evict them from their home.

News Channel Nine met with the Escobedo family today, who according to El Paso County Court documents, was supposed to be evicted from their home yesterday. Turns out the bank, Wells Fargo, is giving them a 30 day extension. But for what reason,is unknown because the Escobedos say they have been trying to make payments on their mortgage.

Richard Roman has been fighting to keep the Escobedo family in their home. He says Wells Fargo is taking another prisoner to what he calls robosigning. A process where a bank submits a document and claims it can personally verify the information is true. And in the Escobedos' case, those documents are foreclosure papers.

"They wanna take my clients' house and put them on the sidewalk," said Roman.

You see for 6 months last year when Domingo lost his job, he was unable to make his mortgage payments,but then got back on track and continued the payments.

Wells Fargo took the payments and the Escobedos have proof and receipts, but then the bank forced them into foreclosure saying they never got payments from the family. The Escobedos could not get in touch with anyone at Wells Fargo and were just passed along the automated call system over and over.

"We're saying like last time, we don't want anything for free. We want to continue paying for the property but the bank doesn't," said Domingo Escobedo.

But then Wells Fargo responded to us saying they would work with the family to come up with a plan. Then a few days ago the courts sent eviction notices to the family. When we contacted Wells Fargo, they sent this statement:

"We have reached out to the Escobedos attorney this afternoon to notify him that the eviction has been postponed for another 30 days while we review options with the family," said Jim Hines, the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Spokesperson.

Roman disputes this statement.

"That is a false statement. I have not been in contact with anybody from Wells Fargo. So we're gonna continue fighting this case," said Roman.

The Escobedos say they're living a nightmare.

"We're not psychologically well because we're afraid what's gonna happen," said Elena Escobedo.

Domingo Escobedo says he has a hard time focusing at work.

"Sometimes I don't work because I'm thinking my family is out on the street and I'm not able to work well or at my best," said Domingo Escobedo.

Now the El Paso County Court has passed the Escobedos' case to a federal judge. That judge has contacted the family's attorney saying the family has thirty days to figure everything out. But still the family and their attorney have yet to hear from Wells Fargo.

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