EPWU: Drinking water safe from cancer-causing compound

EPWU: Drinking water safe from cancer-causing compound
Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 5:52pm

El Pasoans shouldn't be worried about a recent scare of chemicals in drinking water.

That's according to El Paso Water Utilities.

We called EPWU, after the Environmental Working Group analyzed 2011 water quality tests from more than 200 large U.S. municipal water systems and found toxic chemicals known as trihalomethanes in every system.

It's a result of cleaning tap water, and when combined with other chemicals like chlorine, they can pose a risk of bladder cancer or birth defects.

NewsChannel 9 asked EPWU about this so-called toxic trash and if it's in our water.

"HAA5's - the so-called "toxic trash" family of byproducts - are rarely detected in El Paso's drinking water," said EPWU spokesman Martin Bartlett.

"However, when they are detected, they are at levels well below the guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency," he said.

EPWU assures El Pasoans that they continually test water supplied to customers to ensure the reduction of such compounds.

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