EPISD's first round superintendent search meetings:small turnout at Burges


POSTED: Monday, October 22, 2012 - 9:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 22, 2012 - 9:16pm

El Paso Independent School District has scheduled several public meetings over the next couple of weeks.
EPISD hired a company to listen to the community, especially parents, about what they want in a new leader.

it was the first round of community meetings meant to give people a voice. EPISD Board of Trustees President Isela Castañon-Williams was there to help moderate.

"What characteristics, what skills do they want this next superintendent to have so that when applicants are looked for only the ones that meet the profile that the community has developed will be considered for the position," said Castañon-Williams.

One meeting held at Burges High School wasn't as full as expected, but the few that went, made sure their voices were heard.

"I don't think the public trusts the district anymore and I think that's a big one, we need to get that public trust again," said a parent.

Everyone in attendance was asked what characteristics they want in the next superintendent. A teacher took the floor.

"Let him have experience, not from an ivory tower but down here where the work goes on," said the teacher.

EPISD hired a company called PROACT to listen and document what the community wants.

"Then we want to get the positions profile established so that we have plenty of time to advertise the position," said Robert Stockwell, the Vice President of Operations with PROACT.

Stockwell then asked what challenges will the next superintendent face.

"We want someone to come in here and take charge but listen, to the community, listen to the teachers, listen to the students, listen to what we need to move forward," said Patricia Amezaga, a parent and teacher in the district.

Amezaga says the district needs this next superintendent to make a change for the better.

"Somebody said here tonight you know if this superintendent comes in and its not what we need, we may not survive and I have 3 small children, and we need to survive," said Amezaga.

"It's a process that I feel needs to happen all of the time so that the community knows the kind of person they're looking for and they're happy with the person selected to be the head of the school district," said Castañon-Williams.

10 high schools in the district will host community superintendent search meetings during the next few weeks.

If you were not able to attend tonight's meeting you can go to episd.org for more information.

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