EPISD Trustee-elect demands to be sworn in


POSTED: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 4:48pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 9:29pm

Elected trustees in EPISD remain in a very unusual situation, they were elected to the school board in June, but because of the district's corruption scandal and implementation of the board of managers none of them have been sworn in.

Trustee-elect Chuck Taylor filed a law suit against the Texas education agency and board president Dee Margo demanding to take the oath of office.

"The supreme court of Texas says that if statutory requirements are being violated I have the right to sue" Taylor said.

"I’m with Chuck on this one he has my full support, TEA should get us on the board I have no problem with that it's very frustrating to be elected by the people and not have anything to do" Trustee-elect Robert Geske said.

According to board president Dee Margo, Taylor’s request is unreliable and irresponsible since the justice department approved the implementation of the board of managers in place of the elected board.

"This law suit is just a waste of time and money it will require the district to pay legal fees, to respond and as I told Mr. Taylor directly over the phone he's just taking money from the kids and the classroom" Margo said.

The board of managers has two years to hold a special election for a new board.
Taylor argues that election already at happened when he and three others were elected in June, days after the board of managers took control.

The Texas education agency responded in a statement saying:

"The election this trustee participated in isn't that election, this trustee was elected and will eventually resume governing EPISD along with the rest of the trustees, but not until the commissioner decides to remove the Board of Managers or the two year time period passes" the agency said.

"My constituency elected me to do a job for them and now each day that I cannot do that job, I'm harmed each day that I cannot do that job my constituency is harmed” Taylor concluded.

The legal conflict is expected to continue and it will be resolved in a Texas District Court.

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