EPISD To Eliminate 116 Positions


POSTED: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 9:28pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 2:11pm

EL PASO - Tonight's a tough one for El Paso Independent School District. Some employees are in danger of losing their jobs and it's only the beginning.

The decision just came down to cut $5.6 million out the EPISD's budget, eliminating 116 positions. Those positions include at-risk coordinators and office positions. The district says those people won't be handed pink slips, though, because they will try and find other spots for them within the district.

The district still has to cut about $17 million.

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Yet no one dares bring up the subject of illegal immigrant children that are draining the school system from the children of this country.

You have to face reality. Their parents don't pay into the system so thats funding lost right there. Stop turning a blind eye to this issue.

NC9 and EPISD come forth and show us how much it costs the district for every child. Chances are you won't because it'll start a problem you aren't willing to fix.

But nobody at the district making $100,000.00 got their jobs cut. Kinda seems the big dogs take care of the big dogs, and spread the grief to the lower dogs.

I hope all your Texas Teachers move to Virginia. We need good Teachers. We believe our childern should get the best education. They are the future.

Librarians dont cry....let this be our goal. Integrate the Public Libraries with the school libraries. This will cut cost, in fact I have it on good authority that it will save $5.6 million.

Now the parent and the student can both go to the library, as can the teacher.

Now students that have done something wrong can be assigned a book report, perhaps a paper.

So dont cry....tell the city and the EPISD that this will work.

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