EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera talks moving forward from scandal

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 10:20pm

EPISD superintendent Juan Cabrera has a large shadow to step out of, after years of a district scarred by scandal.

From FBI investigations, to the arrest and conviction of the district's former superintendent, and an audit revealing the intricate cheating scheme that aimed to shove students out of the classroom to improve standardized testing scores, Cabrera hopes to restore trust in the public's eye by continuing to push to bring the affected children back.

"Please come back to the district, call the district, we've got the resources ready, willing and able to help," he said. Cabrera said he is in talks with El Paso Community College to possibly help those students attain an associate's degree as well.

Cabrera is also proposing changes in the classroom, but no specifics were shared, except to lend more support for educators.

"We want to do everything we can to support the teachers and make sure that they can be just great at their crafts," he said.

Additionally, Cabrera needs to change EPISD's image not only for the district's, teachers', and students' sakes, but for the business community as well.

"I want El Paso ISD to not be a SILOed educational system, but actually a community partner," he said. Business leaders have said that the scandal has affected the City's chances in attracting companies to El Paso.

"I've already talked to quite a few business leaders," he said, saying meetings are already being set up with Mayor Oscar Leeser, and Fort Bliss Commanding General, General Sean MacFarland.

" I want to go meet them and let them know how committed we are to being a good partner in the success of El Paso," he said.

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