EPISD School Board acknowledges student was bullied by teacher

EPISD School Board acknowledges student was bullied by teacher
Sunday, August 26, 2012 - 9:36pm

A Chapin High School graduate, who felt she was bullied by her dance instructor, hopes students speak up for themselves to help curb bullying.

Last April Cyrpianna Smith said her dance instructor at Chapin gave her certificates naming her 'mood swing queen' and other so called awards for 'always complaining', 'always late' and 'laziest'.

"I actually have no idea what was going through the team's mind or even my coach for me to even deserve that," Smith said.

Smith ran track, was on the cheer squad and the honor society during her time at Chapin.

"When I did receive these awards it was a little hurtful," Smith said. "I was just like how can she think this of me."

Smith and her mother took their concerns to EPISD.

The school board sent them a letter Friday saying the incident was regrettable.

"I am so happy that the board was able to apologize and recognize that this was a bullying situation and that it's not to be tolerated," Smith said.

The district has an anti-bullying program to help provide students with a safe learning environment.

Smith is getting ready to start college at UC Riverside in the Fall where she will major in biology.

She says the most important thing to do is speak up, that's the only way to bring change.

"I brought it to the attention of my parents and the administration and the problem is solved," Smith said.

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